Cast of Characters

Romantic Comedy Girl (RCG)- Author

Sister– (RCG’s sister)- In this Romantic Comedy life, RCG’s Sister is her best friend. She’s the one with the money, the style, the high powered job, and the man… [update- the man is gone, which is good, makes for more interesting blogging about Sister]

Superfriends– they are the super heroes in RCG’s life. They meet in a lair (AKA a 5-star hotel room), and are RCG’s sisterhood of support. It’s like a room of Charlie’s Angels. They’re all gorgeous, smart, successful and have super powers, some supernatural and some supercool! The Superfriends are:

Cowgirl– she used to be an NBA cheerleader, then a corporate attorney, and now she’s saving the world one business legal foundation at a time. In the lair she only eats pasta bolognese and drinks red wine.  Her super power is she can kick someone’s ass while doing the Running Man or the Roger Rabbit, and she rides a magical horse.

Pilot aka DJ SUPER PILOT– She can fly and she has supernatural powers, so she tends to spontaneously start ritual ceremonies for the superfriends. But those are secret so I’ll never write about them. Likes to use the word tangentliling (see glossary) and can interrupt a conversation with a single “I would like to make a formal announcement.” She hates to have her picture taken… we’re working on that.

Sommelier– Could find a bottle of wine in Antarctica… and it wouldn’t be frozen. Think of a James Bond, only with wine in a hot tub… and she has the best boobs of the bunch. Don’t be jealous, we’re not… She has a gift for shifting the topic to men which is always fun and she has a magic pen.

See-er– Used to be a truck driver… and that visual you just got in your head of what she must look like- SCRATCH IT! Imagine a super model covered in feathers… Now you’ve got it. She also has supernatural powers which she shares through her art. So if you’re a bad guy and you look at her painting you may turn to stone.. but for the rest of us, we’re just mesmerized by her talent. Obviously she has magic paint.

Healer– Well you’ve got to have a superfriend with the ability to heal.. how else is the gang going to drink wine all night and then function in the business ballroom all day. She makes us take our shoes off and grounds us to the earth.  This beauty lives in a castle in the sky and teaches us about love.

Brazilian Booty formally known as Psychic– the blond goddess of downloads… she will be a billionaire which sets the bar pretty high for the superfriends. She travels in celebrity circles and has a really cool accent, so should she curse, it sounds really hot. Her super power… hello? She’s psychic!

Angel–  is rejuvenating her “gemstone” (no that’s not another word for vajooge) and taking time to integrate all of her knowledge, so while she’s not in the ballroom she still visits the lair. Her superpower is empowering others which she does every time you have a conversation with her and through her magazine, yes, Angel publishes her own magazine, how cool is that?

Those are the superfriends, and now to continue with other cast of characters…

Dating Guru-  Gone are the days of Dr. Ruth! RCG doesn’t care how hip it used to be to hear dirty words coming out of a 70-year-old, Dr Ruth would never vajazzle! What RCG needs is a fresh perspective from someone young and beautiful, someone she BELIEVES can actually get dates, and therefore can relate to RCG, Sister, the unmarried Superfriends, and you gals! Dating Guru is all that and more! She feels RCG’s First Love pain, she practices what she preaches and then she blogs with suggestions for girls like us. She’s also kind of a celebrity which gives her the extra “cool factor” that we all dig! Being a TV host, and a media go-to-expert, she has to juggle her business and men too… I mean, who could ask for a more suitable character to add to this blog, right? To learn more about Dating Guru, check out her love and life blog

Hip Mom– one of RCG’s Best Girlfriends. She’s the one with the kids. When RCG and Hip Mom became friends 8 years ago, Hip Mom didn’t want to get married and didn’t want to have kids and she and RCG bonded over that. But her change in lifestyle hasn’t changed their bond, and if RCG could eat Hip Mom’s kids for dinner, she would because they’re delicious!!!  (that was not meant literally or we’d go from Romantic Comedy to SAW IV)

First Love (FL)- RCG’s First Love, whom she never got over. After 20 years, he decided to contact her, now married with 3 kids and also, not over her.

Shady– The guy RCG was living with for 7 years, 2 of which they were engaged.

AdventureBiz Babe- RCG’s computer genius friend who happens to be an adrenaline junkie. AdventureBiz Babe climbs mountains that people die on, and RCG being the anti-adventurer, loves to hear her tales. No matter what adrenaline junkie risk ABB is taking, she always manage to take care of business. RCG likes to imagine her up in a hot air balloon, over New Mexico, and managing to Mcgyver a wifi signal for her laptop so she can fix a bug in Joomla or Shopping Cart. ABB married a guy she met on an internet dating site, which gives RCG hope, plus she can probably Mcgyver a background check on potential suitors. She’s good in the back end.. and I don’t mean that in “the butt” way, I mean it in an IT (information technology)way.

Yogi Cupcake– RCG’s favorite yoga teacher. Names after her favorite food that she can’t have either. Once Nutritionist advised her against Gluten, sugar and chocolate, RCG had to say no to cupcakes, and she CRAVES them… When RCG first saw Yogi Cupcake, she salivated like when she sees a chocolate cupcake with mousse filling and vanilla icing. He’s gorgeous- ruggedly handsome, with a body that a girl could climb around on, and having been a dancer and now a yogi, he can do things with that body that make a girl’s mind go to a naughty place. BUT, turns out this uber masculine man, is looking for something RCG could never give him , so like the cupcake, he is a sweet dream that will never come true. And now, she looks past the tasty treat that he is, and sees him as a talented, smart, funny, interesting friend… who happens to be much easier to be around than an actual cupcake.

Page Turner- Page and I go waaaaaaaaay back, we used to work together. We are both Scorpios and take that very seriously. To say Page is a head turner is an understatement.  She’s a muse, and I mean a real one, as in she walks into a room and men get the urge to paint her or write a song about her. Not to mention she’s been the inspiration for the design of both comic book characters and pin-up girls. When I imagine what Page was like as a young girl, I picture the hot chick who developed faster than the rest, and read Judy Blume’s book Forever, first so she could teach all of her girlfriends about sex.  The great thing about Page, is that even though guys lose their minds over her, she’s a girls’ girl. She always has her friends’ backs. Women aren’t jealous of her because she’s their advocate. She would rather lose a friend protecting her, than see her friend hurt. And she fights to the death. She is not to be messed with. Scorpio women are the best friends to have and the worst enemies, and Page epitomizes that. Loyal to a fault, unless you cross her, so don’t. Why would you? She’s too fun to hang out with.

Queen– RCG’s business mentor. The queen of the girlie-girls. She is drop-dead gorgeous, dresses fabulously, accessorizes with perfection, and as “Working Girl” said, “has a mind for business and a body for sin.” In the past two years, Queen has helped RCG embrace her inner girlie-girl. There wouldn’t even be a blog without the Queen because RMC would still be stuck in Sandra Bullock’s character in Miss Congeniality BEFORE the makeover.

B & B– RCG’s dogs

7 Responses to Cast of Characters

  1. These characters are hilarious, and vivid, I can completely imagine them!
    It makes me wonder which one I would most relate to?

  2. Cowgirl (yeehaw!) says:

    There’s never a “like” button when you need one!

  3. Sommelier (Cheers...) says:

    Did someone say wine?

  4. Pilot (that's Mrs. Pilot to you...:) says:

    I have a formal announcement…..and yes, Sommelier, wine is being served….

  5. Miserable Mom says:

    Yes, MM needs to be on this list 🙂 xx

  6. I love that you renamed me from Psychic to Brazilian Booty. When I was a teenager on the London club scene, my booty was always being grabbed and slapped as I made my way from one end of the dance floor to the other;) Now we are back in LA, living in West Hollywood right next to Equinox gym. There were some amazing booties in that class! I want to give you good material for book #2, so get on over to LA and let’s roll darling! XOXO

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