How the D.V. Sisterhood Came to Be



I have had many a rant on many a subject on this blog.  It all started with a need for an outlet for my creativity when I was bogged down in the “business” of growing my business and had no time to work in the entertainment industry.  One blog post started something, you may remember it: I’ve Got Skinny Girl Margarita Tour Bus Envy! That’s right, I wanted a tour bus.  But in order to have a tour bus, I needed a book…

November 2011, 6 months after the tour bus blog entry, where I declared I was going to write a book.  I did it. I had just finished writing my first fiction book.  It was chicklit, a beach read which I titled Dirty Virgin, a romantic comedy girl’s self-infliccted 12-step program for finding her happily ever after.  What I didn’t expect in writing this book, and going through the 12 steps with my character Reese, was that I would change in the process.  When she had to look at her values, I had to look at mine.  When she had to let go of negative power holds, in the process of helping her let go, I let go of mine, By asking her to dig deeper into what scared her, I dug deeper, and discovered what scared me, and by giving her a coping mechanism to work through her fears, I worked through my own.



March 31 2014 22 months later… I don’t have my tour bus… yet, but here’s what I do have, a romantic comedy girl blog, that turned into a fiction book, that turned into a companion guide for women to find their happily ever after, which turned into a podcast (launching soon):


which turned into me launching a new brand for women like me, and you: The D.V. SISTERHOOD! You are in the right place if you have a lot on your plate, perhaps you’re even keeping multiple plates spinning in the air, and want to reignite that feeling of fun, freedom, and friendship, you felt when you were young, and didn’t have the responsibilities you have today. You’ve tried to put yourself on your own “to-do” list and it didn’t stick. Now you’re burning the candle at both ends, which you know deep down, affects the health of your business, your relationships, and yourself. I don’t want to reveal all of the fun stuff we have coming up, because I want there to be some surprises. So, if you want to be the first to know  CLICK HERE to become a part of the sisterhood!  

We are launching very soon, and in preparation, we are having a lot of fun throwing “virtual parties.”  We’ve had a slumber party, Tuesday, April 1st we are having a Tea Party, Tuesday, April 8th, a beach party, and Tuesday, April 15th, a food tasting party. We aren’t selling anything, just giving you a re-charge! When you click the link above, you will get all of the invitations.

Can’t wait to meet you sister!


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I Know I Know… It’s Been A While

I owe you an apology, I have been too busy to blog, though I think you’ll be intrigued by my reason. While it’s fun to write a fiction blog, it’s even more fun to write a non-fiction blog.. at least I hope it is, because I just launched one.

If you like romantic comedy girl, you’ll LOVE 50 First Dates Girl. Why? Because she’s me! I’m going to go on 50 first dates and blog about them.  I’ve already been on my first one. Check it out at

Now you can watch a real life “happily ever after” unfold. Be sure to comment and share on your social media sites, because this is a grass roots effort and I’m recruiting YOU!

I’ll still be back here writing again when I’m feeling the need for fiction, which may be often 🙂


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Magic Mike Is Coming.. What Will YOU Do With Him?

Magic Mike is coming… What will you do with him? Click to Tweet This

That’s right, Ladies, I want to know what you’ll do with him! It’s all I’ve been hearing about from my girlfriends!!! My single ones are already declaring, “I’m going to have to have sex after that movie!” So they are busy going through their smart phones trying to figure out which guy in there is worth all the re-connection drama, for a booty call. My married friends are saying, “My husband better be ready when I get home!!!”

First of all, to my married friends, here’s a suggestion: Have your husband drop you off. Yup, that’s right. Call a babysitter if you need one, but he’s going to have to stop watching baseball or CNBC, and drop you off. Tell him it will be worth it. Why? Because THEN he has to pick you up. And when he does, you are going to be all kinda worked up.. trust me, I’ve seen the rated X trailer, even if these guys couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag- which they all can- bonus- you will leave READY for sex!!

Okay.. back to the topic at hand. When your hubbie comes to get you, have him bring a tie or a scarf, or for you Fifty Shades fans- a belt, to bind your hands for the entire drive home. DO IT! Listen to me, married friends, you’ve been complaining for years about how your sex lives have gone to the wayside for one reason or another, so here is your chance for a reboot! It’s DOUBLE the anticipation. First, you’re sitting in a movie all fired up, THEN you’re in the car, where you’d like to be all over him, but you can’t because your hands are tied. Your angst, is a turn-on to him, so while he may have been skeptical at first, he is now on board!  When he gets you home, it’s up to the two of you to take it from there…

Single girls. Hmmm. Do you really want the drama that comes with booty calls of the past? I think this calls for a better plan. You have 8 days. Go back to the health club you’ve been avoiding and find a hot front desk kid, trainer, yoga instructor… make sure he’s single and young (but legal) … and not terribly bright, and start flirting. If you need a backup, go to Abercrombie at the mall, you’re bound to find one there. Then after a few days, be straight with him. Say, “I’m going to see a movie on Friday night, I’d like to see you after for an hour or so.” Go to his place or a cheap motel. He should NOT know where you live (or he becomes one of the drama boys in your smart phone!). Do NOT sleep over!

And for all the single girls who will want to have sex but won’t because they’ll feel slutty, be sure to stop by Target and get yourself a detachable shower head with adjustable jets!

All that said, you Ladies realize that these places DO exist off of the movie screen right? And the guys there are hot, like in the movie!  Maybe we need to take the girls night out from Book Club to the Thunder Down Under. Just saying.

I believe that’s all the advice I have for now. You can stay tuned for my review in eight days which I’m eagerly counting down.. and by eagerly I mean I’m watching a White Collar marathon…


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Nothing To Report… So Let’s Talk About Kissing In Cars

I almost threw in the towel with this “Match” dating. I was out of town for 3 weeks with NO time to go to the site (probably wasn’t the best timing for joining when I knew I was leaving town). When I returned to the states, I checked my emails (over 300 from Match alone), and when I went to Sister’s place, she wanted to see my profile. When she checked my profile, it read “has been active within the last 24 hours.” HUH???? I hadn’t been on the site since I left the country. This made no sense.

Yesterday, while out shopping I received 4 emails within 10 minutes from the same 56-year-old, who wrote to me in all bolds with tons of spelling errors. Each email getting more irate because I had “read” his email and not written back. Part of me wanted to put him out of his misery and explain that I was reading his email on my cell phone and couldn’t write him back from my phone.. except I couldn’t write him back from my phone! Then, a few hours later, while at dinner with a friend, I received 5 more emails from him. I made a point to visit the site this morning for the first time in weeks JUST so I could block him! Then I had a live chat with a Match Help Guy about the logistics of reading emails from my phone and how it appears on Match. Final decision: I will no longer be receiving emails from Match. When I have time to look at the site, I will catch up on everyone, so no one has to feel like I have read their email and ignored them.

Anyway… on to more important things. Yesterday, I was driving behind a young couple and we stopped at a red light. The couple immediately started kissing. It was so nice. Why don’t more people kiss in cars? It’s so romantic. You’re both in the car, there’s all this “love tension” between you… you can’t wait to get to a light and when you do.. BAM! Kissin’ time!

I think we need to start a campaign, get some bumper stickers going. If you are part of a couple, make a plan to start kissing in the car. Romance has to be kept alive in relationships, and all my couple friends blame lack of time and energy for it disappearing. Well, you only have about 90 seconds at a traffic light. Go for it!

Sister brought back the slang term “Word!” I want to bring back “kissing in cars.” I will be doing it with my dog until I meet my man, but until then Big B will do!


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Now I’ve Done It…

Yikes! I can’t believe I haven’t posted all month!!! That said, you’ll be glad as to my reason… well at least AdventureBizBabe and Paige Turner will be. My guy friend of 15 years, sat me down on the beach and had a heart to heart with me. What did he say?

“RCG, you need to be on!”

I tried to argue for a minute, but there’s no arguing with him. He’s too smart, and any attempt to argue with him is futile. I aired my few concerns (sure it was many, but then, as he shot them down one by one, I kept it at the big few), and he “coached” me on how to successfully approach Match.


1. Do not write back to anyone I am not interested in.. just delete.

2. Do not lie on my profile or say what I think they want to hear. And DO write what I want.

3. Go on once a day, max. Set my time and that’s it. Do not treat this like a second job. It isn’t one!

So I have been following the rules. I only had one little “breaking” of # 1, but in my defense, it was Day 23 of my cycle, and Comcast Mark can tell you not to mess with me on day 23 (you’ll have to dig through the archives for that one). Here’s how it went down:

Contact #1 “Too good: You actually sound better than I could imagine. Yes……I just got here from NYC………let’s talk and see…kenny”

Contact #2 (He followed that up 15 minutes later with): “I had to write to you again. I really like your eyes and your face is expressive. Just wanted to let you know. More info is available on my website. Check _______ * on google. I’m the head guy. Kenny”

*had to leave that blank for privacy reasons, but his site is all about his medical practice.

Contact #3 (He followed that up an hour later with): “Confused I’m new to this thing. But I’m confused as to emailing potential matches. If I send you an email, you read it, but you never check out my profile, what was the sense? I know you read them, but you didn’t even write back to see if or who I really am. I became a doctor for many reasons and I live a great life now, but I am looking to have even more meaning. I’m from the NY suburbs too, and we live now really close. My real question is: if you met me and didn’t like me, well, I can understand that. But, you are on this site and we are here to meet some potential people that we can relate to …….so if you can explain your thought process, I would appreciate that I fo. Thans in advance…….and I still think you are very attractive and my type! Kenny”

So I wrote back later that night when I got back home and was doing my one hour a day max on Match, with: “Kenny, I have no idea if you are for real about being new to this, and wanting feedback. I’m going to assume you are, and grant your request. In the hopes that you meet a great woman, here’s my blunt truth:

1. I have no idea how it is that you concluded that I read your emails, as this is the first time I’ve been on the site today. You have written to me three times in the last 2 hours. In my opinion, that makes you either needy or pushy, both are qualities that are not attractive to me. So, for future reference, if you’re trying to attract women who like those qualities, keep doing what you’re doing. If not, once a day is enough, and no more than 3 emails if they don’t write back.

2. I can only speak for myself, but I’ve been on this site for just two weeks, in which time I’ve received over 400 emails from men. If I had to write back to every one of them, I’d have to quit my job. When I’m not interested, I don’t write back. I know many of my friends feel the same way.

3. I didn’t need to read your profile because your AGE pops up right next to your picture. My age range pops up right next to mine. Your AGE is 62. MY AGE RANGE is 40-50. See the discrepancy? I DON’T want to date a 62-year-old… period!

Therefore, Kenny, “the sense” of writing to women, is to take the chance that they will write back. It is not a guarantee. However, respecting their desires in a Match, will help your odds.

Also, the repeated mentioning of your being a “doctor” comes off as pompous to me. Again, some women may swoon at the thought, so don’t change a thing if those are the types of fish you’re looking to reel in.

Final piece of information: There is a feature where you can block people if you feel bothered by them. After I send this, I plan to use it. So, good luck with your search.”

Other than that, I had one strange phone call with a guy, who confessed to being 5 years older than my age range as well as having posted pictures from “days of yore.” Then he started asking personal sexual questions, which were completely out of line for a first conversation, at least they are in my opinion, as someone who is looking for a relationship. He’s history!

BUT… I did go on my first date and he was not only as adorable as his picture, he was also funny, interesting, smart, AND a gentleman. It was only a first date, so I know better than to get excited, BUT, I am still a little excited…


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Dear Romantic Comedy Girl…

Who on earth would trust me with an advice column? No one! Yet, one of my regulars has asked me for some advice, based on my blog post To Shave or Not To Shave.  Will I give it to him? Yes! Should he follow it? Probably not.. It’s like me and directions: if I say go left, you should go right. In fact, the harder I argue with you about how correct I am about going left, the more sure you should be to GO RIGHT! I am wrong 100% of the time when it comes to directions, so here, John, let me direct you (and may the women out there have mercy on your bald bodied soul).

John asks: “Hey RCG, I have a follow up question.  Do MEN need to shave? I’m recently re-entering the dating scene, and I’ve been told by someone I trust that I simply must shave.  Not a trim, clean shaven.  I’ve never done that… Ever. Not that I had much chest hair, that can go, but not looking forward to irritating the boys. Thoughts?”

Here are my thoughts…

Hair on the head is sexy, body hair… not so much. It’s coarse in most places, and just plain wiry in others.  How do I write this next part without being gross? Hmmm.. How about an analogy?

I LOVE egg salad sandwiches, however, if I get even the tiniest shell in my mouth, I’m completely grossed out, gag city, I’m done! CLICK TO TWEET

Even if it was the first bite of the sandwich, I’m not eating anymore, in fact my appetite is ruined. I may go so far as to be off egg salad for a while, and one thing’s for sure– I am never ordering egg salad in that restaurant again.

So should you shave the boys clean, John? Well let me ask you… Do you want to risk having your sandwich shop shut down? It’s a big risk, John. Then again there are girls out there who get freaked out over silky smooth, hairless, twig n berries. I for one am not one of them. I like hairless.

Now, you mentioned the chest. As I said, hair “down there” is of a specific texture, one I find tactily [derived from the word tactile, although I may have just made up that derivation] undesirable. Hair on the rest of the body is dependent on the man. Some men have soft baby fuzz hair, but they are rare. Most have somewhere between coarse and bristly. In fact just writing about mens’ body hair is turning me off. Let’s take a moment to flash back to last week…

I was in yoga (of course I was) and Rocker Yogi (yes, I am still taking his class obsessing over how many times he will touch me during the course of the hour) was wearing shorts and a tank top. His legs are perfectly smooth! I don’t know if he shaves, waxes, or is naturally hairless, but I could not keep my eyes off of them. I wanted to lick his calves like an ice cream cone. There is something about smooth body parts that cause a Pavlovian effect in me.

That said, John, that is MY personal taste. The less hair, the more area I want to cover. The only exception to that rule is facial stubble. I LOVE IT! But… there is a very small window between smooth, stubble, and wiry funky face. Once you leave stubble and head into wiry funky face, you start rackin’ up crumbs and fuzz all up in it. Yuck.. I want no part of that.

I may have a solution that will put your “boys” at ease temporarily.  Don’t guess.  If you’re just getting back out there in the dating world, a girl who’s down in that region on the first date, maaaaaaay not be dating material. So, find a girl who wants to talk on the first date, and bring up this “crazy chick who writes a blog, and says that all men should shave all over.” See what her response is. You can tailor your trimming to your dates’ desires. Although if you’re multiple dating and they have different desires, you are going to have to space out your dates accordingly. (Note, milk makes your hair grow faster).

To wrap up: Male grooming (aka Manscaping) is a very personal thing from a woman’s perspective so you’re going to have to find out what makes your lady happy before committing to a Russian waxer.

Dear Abby is definitely rolling over somewhere…


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Letters To Juliet

No, this isn’t a movie review. Today was just one of those days when I was reminded ‘why’ I write romantic comedies. Personally, when I’m going through a rough time in my life, the only thing that gets me out of it, shakes me, changes my state, is a good romantic comedy that reminds me what’s most important… true love. Now granted, many of these rough times in my life have been caused by love or the lack of it, and at the worst times, the knowing exactly where it is but I can’t have it.

My favorite script I’ve written examines soulmates, and like in any great romantic comedy, the couple who is meant to be has their happily ever after.

Letters to Juliet had both elements of what I want most and what I fear most.  Sophie, a young writer finds a letter written to “Juliet” that had been written 50 years before. As is customary for the letters written to Juliet, someone writes back to each and every one. Sophie, wrote back to Claire, 50 years later saying that she didn’t know how her life turned out but What If…

What I want most, is Sophie’s ending, she seized the day, she spoke up and declared her love to the young man she had fallen for, and didn’t have to wait 50 years. What I fear most, is what if I don’t find my young man, because like Claire, I found mine so many years ago and our destinies have taken us in different directions?

I like to write romantic comedies because you get a happy ending. Yes, Claire and her true love found each other 50 years later, and in good movie form, though their destinies had taken their lives in different directions, by the time they’d found each other, they were available to love each other again.

It can weigh heavily on your mind if you’re a movie junkie like me, which I know so many of you are. We watch the movies and wish our lives were like them. That the ups and downs are all worth it because in the end we find ourselves with the right guy, the love of our lives. But in the mean time, with so many movie themes, it can get confusing. Two great love stories in Letters To Juliet. One has true love right now, one waited 50 years. I suppose I could wait 27 years to find out if my destiny lines up with the one who got away, but what to do in the mean time. I don’t want to settle for good not great, and how do you find great when you’re holding out hope for 27 years from now. And how do you let go of 27 years from now, when there’s that possibility?

I suppose I could write a romantic comedy about that, though at the moment it doesn’t feel very comedic. At least I’d be guaranteed a happy ending 🙂

What do you think? Should I write it?


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