Nothing To Report… So Let’s Talk About Kissing In Cars

I almost threw in the towel with this “Match” dating. I was out of town for 3 weeks with NO time to go to the site (probably wasn’t the best timing for joining when I knew I was leaving town). When I returned to the states, I checked my emails (over 300 from Match alone), and when I went to Sister’s place, she wanted to see my profile. When she checked my profile, it read “has been active within the last 24 hours.” HUH???? I hadn’t been on the site since I left the country. This made no sense.

Yesterday, while out shopping I received 4 emails within 10 minutes from the same 56-year-old, who wrote to me in all bolds with tons of spelling errors. Each email getting more irate because I had “read” his email and not written back. Part of me wanted to put him out of his misery and explain that I was reading his email on my cell phone and couldn’t write him back from my phone.. except I couldn’t write him back from my phone! Then, a few hours later, while at dinner with a friend, I received 5 more emails from him. I made a point to visit the site this morning for the first time in weeks JUST so I could block him! Then I had a live chat with a Match Help Guy about the logistics of reading emails from my phone and how it appears on Match. Final decision: I will no longer be receiving emails from Match. When I have time to look at the site, I will catch up on everyone, so no one has to feel like I have read their email and ignored them.

Anyway… on to more important things. Yesterday, I was driving behind a young couple and we stopped at a red light. The couple immediately started kissing. It was so nice. Why don’t more people kiss in cars? It’s so romantic. You’re both in the car, there’s all this “love tension” between you… you can’t wait to get to a light and when you do.. BAM! Kissin’ time!

I think we need to start a campaign, get some bumper stickers going. If you are part of a couple, make a plan to start kissing in the car. Romance has to be kept alive in relationships, and all my couple friends blame lack of time and energy for it disappearing. Well, you only have about 90 seconds at a traffic light. Go for it!

Sister brought back the slang term “Word!” I want to bring back “kissing in cars.” I will be doing it with my dog until I meet my man, but until then Big B will do!


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4 Responses to Nothing To Report… So Let’s Talk About Kissing In Cars

  1. JG says:

    Well – I’m all for kissing in cars. I’m also all for kissing in bars, Kissing under the stars, kissing while observing Mars … but I have to admit, the main reason I’m for kissing in cars, is with my little 2 seater, that’s about ALL we could do.

    Unless she opens her door.

    Or I put the roof top down. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with following up some kissing with a little bit of toplessness.

    The big problem with that, of course, would be finding a stretch of deserted road in SoCal

    In other words – my car is mostly useless 🙂

    Except for kissing. I’m all for romantic tension and those 90 second lights! And … at least my car is fast, so we can get home!

    == John ==

    P.S. I’m a guy, we have to take it too far. That’s our job … yours is to resist to increase the romantic tension. For a while.

    P.P.S. What is it with guys? I mean, sometimes too far is WAY too far. Are we all really that clueless as your non-match? Move on dude!

  2. Ray says:

    THAT’S my problem! I haven’t owned a car since I came to NYC, only motorcycles.

    But there have been a couple of rental cars and borrowing my dad’s pick-up truck…
    Traffic light kisses are great so long as you remember to keep your foot on the brake. Back in high school we’d ask girls if they wanted to go out to the resevour to watch the submarine races. After parking the car by the lake if they asked where the submarines were… well they’re under the surface, racing. They caught on and enjoyed the evening.

    I’m surprised you’ve not encountered this more in the City of Angels, it’s such a car culture there.

    My first car was an old 4-door Chevy with a wide bench front seat. I practiced the COD turn, a hard right turn where the centrifugal force would slide the passenger toward the driver; the Come Over Dear turn. After that I got a sports car with bucket seats. Great fun to drive but not nearly as adaptable as the bench seat. At least the seats reclined. But the gear shift could get in the way a bit.

    Most romantic car event for me was when i was gaffing a movie in North Carolina. I was romancing a gorgeous local waitress. One evening I picked her up in my rental car, we went to dinner and then for a drive through the country there on Edisto Island. I found a good secluded dirt road and parked. I left the radio playing and the door open. I got out, opened the trunk, (starting to sound like a horror film!) and pulled out a bottle of wine and two Dixie cups. We sat on the hood, drank the wine and talked, and we’d get up and dance in the dirt road when a good song came on. Pretty awesome.

    I gotta move outta the City.

    • Looks like I have to write a new entry… Kissing on motorcycles… Been there, it was a little racy… although I admit it wasn’t moving because at the time I had a fear of them. As for the rest of your comment.. awwwww!

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