How the D.V. Sisterhood Came to Be



I have had many a rant on many a subject on this blog.  It all started with a need for an outlet for my creativity when I was bogged down in the “business” of growing my business and had no time to work in the entertainment industry.  One blog post started something, you may remember it: I’ve Got Skinny Girl Margarita Tour Bus Envy! That’s right, I wanted a tour bus.  But in order to have a tour bus, I needed a book…

November 2011, 6 months after the tour bus blog entry, where I declared I was going to write a book.  I did it. I had just finished writing my first fiction book.  It was chicklit, a beach read which I titled Dirty Virgin, a romantic comedy girl’s self-infliccted 12-step program for finding her happily ever after.  What I didn’t expect in writing this book, and going through the 12 steps with my character Reese, was that I would change in the process.  When she had to look at her values, I had to look at mine.  When she had to let go of negative power holds, in the process of helping her let go, I let go of mine, By asking her to dig deeper into what scared her, I dug deeper, and discovered what scared me, and by giving her a coping mechanism to work through her fears, I worked through my own.



March 31 2014 22 months later… I don’t have my tour bus… yet, but here’s what I do have, a romantic comedy girl blog, that turned into a fiction book, that turned into a companion guide for women to find their happily ever after, which turned into a podcast (launching soon):


which turned into me launching a new brand for women like me, and you: The D.V. SISTERHOOD! You are in the right place if you have a lot on your plate, perhaps you’re even keeping multiple plates spinning in the air, and want to reignite that feeling of fun, freedom, and friendship, you felt when you were young, and didn’t have the responsibilities you have today. You’ve tried to put yourself on your own “to-do” list and it didn’t stick. Now you’re burning the candle at both ends, which you know deep down, affects the health of your business, your relationships, and yourself. I don’t want to reveal all of the fun stuff we have coming up, because I want there to be some surprises. So, if you want to be the first to know  CLICK HERE to become a part of the sisterhood!  

We are launching very soon, and in preparation, we are having a lot of fun throwing “virtual parties.”  We’ve had a slumber party, Tuesday, April 1st we are having a Tea Party, Tuesday, April 8th, a beach party, and Tuesday, April 15th, a food tasting party. We aren’t selling anything, just giving you a re-charge! When you click the link above, you will get all of the invitations.

Can’t wait to meet you sister!


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3 Responses to How the D.V. Sisterhood Came to Be

  1. Sue Painter says:

    Well this sounds like a ton of fun. Woot!

  2. Lisa Manyon says:

    Life is a party. Cannot wait to celebrate with you.

  3. Fabulous, Jessica! This sounds like a hoot!

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