Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?

Disclaimer: Not exactly romantic comedies, but bear with me. I was watching Chase on NBC, when US Marshall Annie Frost, goes to a prison to get help from a murderer she put away, Mason Boyle (played by Travis Fimmel). So here she is talking to this killer, and I’m like, “Dang, he is sexy! He could probably convince me to drive his get-away car.” And how about Sons of Anarchy? I’m crazy for Jax, yet terrified of him! It would be fine if it was just a tv fantasy, but I must admit, the bad boys find me like moths to light and I can’t resist them!

They’re like picking scabs; I know I’m not supposed to, I know it will bleed and leave a scar, but it’s like a compulsion… I must pick the scab. It’s like they have radar for me. They know I’m going to “pick them.” And like the scabbed wound, they aren’t there for long, but what is it about them that’s so irresistible?

They have all the qualities that turn me off in guys: 1. They fight in bars 2. They drink too much 3. They smoke 4. They don’t have respectable jobs (in other words they do illegal things to make money) 5. They break laws (I freak out about jay walking) 6. They own and usually carry weapons 7. Their associates are dangerous people 8. Tattoos 9. They cuss A LOT…

I can go on and on. Yet they also share qualities that most “good guys” don’t have: 1. Inch deep, 6 pack abs 2. Hair; on their head, usually scruffy and messy, good for pulling on 3. Chin scruff about a 1/4 inch long 4. Look amazing in jeans, which they wear low to show off their “Money Line” AKA: love line, moneymaker, Marky’s mark, the Michelangelo muscle, but you might know it as the twin cords of ligament stemming from the hip that directs our attention where it will do the most good 5. A raspy, or deep sexy voice that they know how to use 6. Piercing, hypnotizing eyes 7. Devilish smile 8. A vehicle that just screams rebel like a Harley or a pick up truck 9. Did I mention the Money Line? 10. An intuitiveness about good girls and a Darth Vadar desire to turn them to the dark side.

Why? Why am I so drawn to them when I’m supposed to be searching for my romantic comedy guy?

© 2010


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