My VIP Day With Soulmate Guru

Oh Ladies, OH Ladies, OH LADIES! Yesterday, was heavenly. You may remember Soulmate Guru from previous entries. Well yesterday, I did a VIP day with her. That consists of 6 hours of blissful, focused work on creating a shift in myself to be open to meeting my soulmate.

Unfortunately,  I can’t reveal what went on during the 6 hours, because 1. it is her trademarked material and 2. she personalizes it for each client, so you may get something different, and I wouldn’t want you to be pulled out of your experience because you’re waiting for something I got.

I can tell you, there was lots of pink things… and I LOVE pink. For example, the folder my paperwork came in was a cool pink pattern, and she gave me a choice of journals, and I picked a pink flowered one, she also gave me a book, which had pink writing on the cover, and I can’t wait to read it! There’s even a book endorsement by the Queen (see Cast of Characters) which means she’s done some of this work.

Besides pink stuff, there was nature, yoga (again, I don’t know that you’ll get yoga, it could have been designed just for me because I love yoga), and tears. Only surprisingly, not the tears I was expecting. They were tears of joy. I can’t tell you why, but isn’t it inspiring to know that I cried tears of joy?

When the 6 hours were over, I had to change gears and go to work, moderating a panel of 3 successful men for a group of what looked like well over 100 men. After the panel I walked around the Expo which was filled with hundreds of men. I started getting the strangest compliments, things you usually hear from girls not guys. Things like, “You are glowing,” (and not in a pregnant way) and variations of that compliment all including the word glowing. One guy, whom I haven’t seen in years, told me that I never age. He was a bit suspicious, like I was a vampire or something. There was absolutely no Botox insinuation, as I have very expressive forehead lines, and being that I’ve earned every one of my smile lines, I’m not having rat poison injected into my face to remove them. He told me it must be because I’m happy. I told him it was because I made a deal with the Devil. Soulmate Guru also does a VIP day on flirting, I may have to consider that, because I think the word Devil freaked him out, as he walked away after that comment. Ooops. Well, no loss, he’s not who I journaled about.

Theeeeeen, I walked into the wrong building and right into the first man I dated in Los Angeles.  I hadn’t seen him in about ten years, and he looked great.
And by man, I mean Man, not the young boys I was messin’ around with when I first moved out here. He is about ten years older than me, and was the Cinematographer on a commercial I was acting in. He asked me to lunch to tell him about the union I was working for. Naively, I thought he actually wanted to talk about the union I work for. So I brought pamphlets, and a hat. He got a good laugh out of that. Unfortunately his job constantly took him all over the world since he’s one of the top commercial DPs, so we didn’t get to spend much time together, which is why we grew apart. Now he wants to take me out to lunch, or dinner, or anything I can squeeze in while I’m here. I think he’s going to have to wait for my next trip because I’ve got pretty much every minute accounted for.

I even hugged my old boss… that’s how I knew something had shifted. Not having the desire to kick his balls into the space that should occupy his brain, is a huge shift.

Which brings up something interesting. When I was about to start this work with Soulmate Guru, I was worried that I would shift and have nothing to write about, because I’d be this transformed normal girl. The good news is, I still get to be crazy and write about kicking my old boss’ balls into the space where a brain should be, and then, when I’m done, with my entry, I just let the universe know that this blog is for entertainment purposes only, and that I truly want to find my soulmate.

Which is a good thing… because I don’t know who my soulmate is yet, so I can’t picture him in my brian, which means on those days when I’m feeling rowdy, like this morning, after spending yesterday in a sea of hot guys.. not soulmate material but definitely somethin’ somethin’ material… I need to picture “non-soulmate material.” And that’s okay… in fact, I may even go so far as to slip up outside of my fantasy world, and that’s okay too.. because it makes for good entertainment value for you. And Universe, despite my potential slip ups, I am (hold on I have to come up with an “ing” word) allowing my soulmate in.



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1 Response to My VIP Day With Soulmate Guru

  1. Page Turner says:

    Embrace the idea of finding your soulmate. Open your heart and your mind to it, you deserve it but until then think of the in between! It’s like hanging out with Chris Isaacs until you find your Harry Connick Jr. You know one of them is good for you the other is bad but in the best kind of way (well if you’ve heard any of the rumors about Chris Isaacs you do – he’s a love em and leave em kinda guy but apparently VERY worth it).

    Oh and also, I think I’d still want to kick the old boss’s balls into the space that should occupy his brains. I do miss our nice big window!!

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