Raise Your Glass

Tonight I left my house! Whoo hoo. I put on makeup and high heels. Oh yeah baby, I went out! Raise your glass to Pink and all the dancing women at the party tonight, because lo and behold, it worked! I met cool women. It was the magazine and women’s group launches I had mentioned a few days ago. It attracted a really good crowd. For some reason, female entrepreneurs are a very attractive group. No matter what state I’m in, when I network with female entrepreneurs, they’re always so pretty. Kind of a random observation, but it leads me to wonder… are the male entrepreneurs all hot? Because if so, maybe I should join a male entrepreneur group…

My goal was to go and meet girls who could be potential friends.  Easy enough. Just walk up to the gals there and start talking. But of course in typical romantic comedy girl form, the conversation with the first girl I sat next to who happens to work for one of the launching companies, didn’t go as I’d envisioned.

She was really sweet. I was asking her about the structure of the company, which was a bit unusual from business models I’ve heard of before. She didn’t have much insight as she just started working there.  When she asked what I do and I told her, she got really excited and asked me if I worked with celebrities. I told her I work with people of all levels. She repeated, “celebrities?” I nodded yes. Her eyes lit up, “Who?” I explained that my client list is confidential. A look of disappointment washed over her face, so she changed the subject… “Where did you go to college?” she asked.  I told her, and she said she’d heard of it. Then she asked the weirdest question of all… “What was your major?”

Huh? My major? I haven’t been asked that since I was in my early 20s… and then it hit me! I looked at her and asked, “Are you still in college?”

“Yes,” she said proudly and told me her school, “Which is why I’m interning for this company.”

Apparently my talent for attracting 20-something males crosses over to females as well. I wished her luck and excused myself to go find some age-appropriate female friends. And finally I started to meet some really cool women. I also discovered that while I’m not willing to date a guy who is locationally challenged (meaning I have to drive more than 20 minutes to see him), I am willing to travel to hang out with cool girls.

I also figured out that I’m getting closer to my tour bus, because not only did I order my signature “virgin” drink tonight, but some of the other women there thought it was so cool, they ordered it themselves. I’m starting a movement!

Okay, off to bed. All that “going out” stuff, wore me out. The Adventure Meetup group is planning a bowling night. Wow… that will really rock AdventureBiz Babe’s foundation when she hears I may bowl! What’s next billiards? I’m so adventurous I can’t take it!

Hey, when the highlight of my week is watching the bachelorette, I know I need to get out of the house… event if it’s to bowl. Something tells me the Adventure group won’t have the same nice mani/pedis that the Female Entrepreneur group has… no judgement! I’m making friends here…


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4 Responses to Raise Your Glass

  1. Page Turner says:

    Is it just me or is it more insulting when a 20-something female talks to you like that. You’d think I’d be just as flattered but I’m absolutely not. Also I really need this drink recipe of yours!

    • Page, in this case it wasn’t insulting, it was naivety. She could only talk about what she knows, and I was kind of flattered that she thought I was young enough to talk about college. The book has lots of drink recipes… you do realize they’re all virgin drinks, right?

  2. AdventureBiz Babe says:

    Yes….my foundation is rocked! And yes, you are correct about the adventure group…..I haven’t had a mani or pedi in 6 months. I’m hopeless….I know.

    • I’m not feeling very adventurous about tonight’s meetup. Going to meet a group of strangers in a large night club sounds like it may turn out to be one of those cases when you go for a blind date and wind up talking to the wrong guy before you realize he’s not the date you were supposed to be meeting… although it could make for an interesting blog post!

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