The AGE OLD question

I am so sick and tired of younger guys giving me crap for not wanting to tell my age. I have news for these twenty-somethings: Guys don’t like to tell their age either when they’re nearing 50 so just you wait!!! We girls just start earlier.. as in 28. At that point I realized I was young enough to tell them but old enough to know better. I mean really, do these guys really want the truth? Because the truth can be disturbing. What they don’t realize is the “woman” they’re hitting on (me) is old enough to have a son their age if I had accidently gotten pregnant when I lost my virginity.

And no, that does not mean I was an eleven-year-old slut, it means that I am MUCH older than they are. No, I may not look it, but I am, so I AM NOT TELLING YOU MY AGE… now do you want to make out in my car like a couple of teenagers or what?



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