I Get My Morning Motivation at 3:47pm

I’m still in my pajamas. Yes, I wear pajamas and they’re not sexy, because what would be the point? And please spare me the “you should want to feel sexy for yourself,” because I don’t. I’m a Scorpio, I don’t need to dress up for myself to feel sexy… I’m the sign of sex. So here I sit at my computer with my tomato stained pajamas, because like everything lately; working, sleeping, watching TV, and eating, I’ve been doing it on my couch. Did I mention I have a $7000 mattress in my bedroom? So, my melted cheese with tomato ended up on my pjs, as did half the water from my sink a I washed my dish. What is it with me and dishes and why can’t the water stay in the sink instead of on my clothes? But I digress…

Bottom line… I’m terrible at living alone. And despite the warm body that wakes me up every morning at 7am (don’t get excited SHE is a Saint Bernard), the lack of conversation makes me a little nutty. So nutty, that sometimes I don’t leave my house for days. Today I changed a meeting that I made for myself so I’d have to get out of the house, to a phone call. It only took 10 minutes which was by far more time efficient than driving back and forth (40 minutes) chit chatting (55 minutes) and actually discussing work (proven 10 minutes). But still, it was the lack of motivation to get off the couch. A few days ago, I was so content on my couch that when the electrician came over, I simply slipped into my Ugg boots and my oversized Gap sweater and let him in. Good thing I had the decency to brush my teeth, because a few hours later, a ran out of the house in a rush to get to my friend’s house, to realize upon arrival that I was STILL in my pajamas, under my big ‘ole sweater. Yeah… nutty. I suppose I should work on getting motivated before 3pm, but I’m just not motivated to. Ah, dilemmas. Now before you start worrying about me, I’m not depressed. I’ve seen the commercials I’m not hurting “everyone,” it doesn’t hurt “everywhere,” I’m just really comfortable snuggled in my blankets with my dogs and everything I need within a few feet. Besides, tomorrow I’m going to see Morning Glory, so romantic comedy girl will be VERY motivated at 5pm tomorrow!



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