I saw Morning Glory last night. It was so good. Rachel McAdams is so cute, adorable, endearing, fun… I can go on and on. Romantic Comedy Girl gives it 5 diamond tiaras (that’s the max)

I identified so deeply with the main character Becky, who sacrificed a social life, sleep, and pretty much everything but work. When her mentor gave her a glimpse of what her life would be like in the future if she continued at her pace, it was like I was being punched in the gut.

In addition, I saw the screening with my younger sister and her new boyfriend who looks and sounds like Grant Show (go sis!!!). Every time something cute happened in the movie, her hand which he was holding throughout the film, would be gently lifted to his lips for a kiss. So cute… so romantic… sooooo back to me. I really need to stop being “Becky” and cool off my relationship with Mac. Although Mac has been there for me since my breakup with my fiance two years ago, I’m realizing that it is unhealthy and flat out “denial” to brag about a relationship with my laptop.

I’ll just say it. I’m ready. I’m more than ready. I want a man in my life. I’m tired of being alone. It’s more than that though. I’m ready to share my life with someone. I want to wake up next to a man every morning who inspires me. I want a passionate, successful, handsome, sexy, man! I’m ready to be someone’s partner. I sound so mature, don’t I? But it’s true what Becky said, that when she got good news her “guy” was the one she wanted to share it with. I miss that. I miss wanting to share my triumphs with someone I love.



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