Does The Nutritionist Have an Amino for This?

DJ Super Pilot thinks she’s funny.. yeah.. a real riot. She read my post from two days ago and sent me the video link to The Spinner’s; Could It Be I’m Falling In Love? Maybe she’ll post the link in the comment section because the video is kind of like what’s going on in your mind as your falling. It’s 5 guys (I think I couldn’t keep count) all wearing the same blue polyester suit, spinning around (hence the name I guess) under mirrors angled in weird directions so they look like a kaleidoscope. I mean I don’t even know if the Choreographer Cowgirl could figure out that routine and Sommelier would definitely get woozy watching with a glass of red in each hand! And that’s how I feel… like I’m spinning around in a kaleidoscope.. only without the polyester, even typing the word makes me shiver.. how do people wear that material?

Last night he took me to the beach at sunset. He said he’d never been to the beach at sunset. Romance- NOT IN THE BENEFITS PACKAGE… but oh, so nice. DJ Super Pilot’s right. I’m getting sucked in. He makes magical things happen. I told him I’ve been on the West Coast for so long I can’t remember how the sun set here. I still remember my awe when I saw my first West Coast sunset, because the sun literally disappears into the water. I didn’t want to “kill” his first sunset with a girl, by comparing a lame East Coast sunset where you can’t even see the sun because it’s on the other coast, to the brilliance of a West Coast sunset. And as the wind picked up, and he shielded me with his body, and the waves grew rougher and the sky got darker.. something beautiful appeared. The entire sky turned into a rainbow… I asked him if he could see the colors too because I had been humming the Spinners under my breath (I couldn’t get that dang song out of my head ALL DAY!) and I started thinking maybe I was in a parallel universe, or he had slipped me a roofy… although that seemed illogical because 1. we didn’t have anything to drink and 2. Not only did he know I was a sure thing, but I’m pretty sure he now realizes I’m quite extraordinary when I’m awake and coherent, so the roofy would have just made me heavy to drag back to the car and a lump in the sack, so anyway I tangentalize..

Back to the L word.. I can’t even write it unless it’s in a song or a story, so let me tell you a story…

We were driving his kids home on Sunday, when he tells them that he had such a great day with them and he loves them so much. So the six year old, who from this point on will be known as “Six” (which obviously means that the four year old will now be known as “Four”) says to him, “Daddy, do you love ME so much?” and he tells her “Yes Six, I love you so much” to which she replies, “Do you love Four?” He answers, “I love Four very much too.” Then she her plan begins…

Six: Who else do you love?

FWB: I love grandma and grandpa– (in a screenplay those two dashes let the next actor speaking in the script know it’s their job to cut the person off at that moment which is exactly what Six did)

Six: Who else do you love IN THIS CAR?

FWB thought quickly: I love princess Ariel. (Good save FWB!)

Six, taking the ball back in her court: Who do you love in the FRONT of the car?

FWB: I love the band playing on the radio. (Oooo he’s good… but she’s better!)

Six: Who do you love in this (her arms were circling my area) area where my arms are circling?

FWB: I don’t know because you’re in the back seat and I’m driving so my eyes are on the road and I can’t see your arms.

Six: She has big earrings… (no answer from dad, and at this point I had lost it, I am silently crying with laughter at his discomfort into my right shoulder) she is very pretty… (still no response from dad, and I can barely breath I’m laughing so hard) she has big boobs– (now I had to interject)

RCG turning around and looking at her head on: You think I have big boobs–


At which point FWB and I both simultaneously burst out laughing and he was forced into the uncomfortable situation of explaining that he loved me like a very good friend, which Six didn’t understand, so when she asked if I was his best friend and he replied “no” and reminded her who his best (guy) friend was, she got distracted from her love attack and started reminiscing about playing with best guy friend’s kids. Saved by the short attention span!

Bottom line is, tonight is the first night I haven’t seen him in over a week and I’m craving him. I tried taking the DPA that Nutritionist gave me, but apparently that only works on sweet cravings like cupcakes and cookies, not thoughts of juicy lips and soft clavicle skin.

She’s got to have something for me, after all a craving is a craving. A longing is a longing.. it’s emotional so there has to be an amino acid, or a supplement or a food that can cure this… oh yes, there is- chocolate! Unfortunately I can’t have that!!!  (See What Chocolate Does to Me Dec 28, 2010). Should I eat dried apricots? They’re sweet… no because I’ll eat too many and Nutritionist told me I metabolize the sugar the same way… maybe prunes, they’re sweet and I won’t eat too many because I know that can have some serious repercussions.

IS THIS WHAT IT HAS COME TO????? I have to suppress these scary feelings by eating prunes? I’m pretty frickin’ sure that Bridget Jones would not sink so low as to drown her pain in prunes!


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