Plucking, and Shaving, and Flossing… Oh My!

It isn’t easy being a girl. There is so much to do and when you concentrate on 3 things 4 other things suffer. I’m exhausted now, and I just don’t have any energy left to floss, I had to tend to other things like shaving my legs and taking my supplements in between meals.. Uh that just reminded me I forgot to take my “before bed” supplements, please hold…

Okay I’m back. Anyway, I have a business to run which takes up an average of 8 hours a day. On top of that I have to eat, which if you ask me is a major pain in the ass and I don’t know why some genius woman out there hasn’t created a concoction that you can drink on the go and gives you ALL the nutritional value you need. Eating is a major waste of time for me.. except for sushi. And of course the obligatory sleep. Now, on that subject is health. So I’m supposed to meditate for 15 minutes in the morning (minimum) and 15 minutes at night. I’d like to fit yoga in daily, but that doesn’t seem to work out.. and speaking of working out, I do have a gym membership so cardio and weights, perhaps the occasional spin class, should be fit in at a minimum of 5 days/week. And I put two 30 minute walks with my dog down under health because it is healthy for me to get out of my house into the sunshine since I could sit on my bed working on my laptop for 14 hours straight. Within health, I must also remember to drink hot water with lemon first thing in the morning (and boiling water takes time, and although a watched pot does boil, it also seems to take longer when you’re watching it), then do a shot of pure cranberry juice (good thing that’s done before brushing my teeth)… oh yes, and brushing my teeth and flossing, which are a necessity because I could get gum disease if I don’t, and I’m supposed to use that dental tool thingy with the rubber tip, but does it seem like I have time? I mean I’m just getting started here. I have to eat 3 meals a day and two snacks. In between each meal I have adrenal support supplements, sugar craving supplements and amino acids to take. I have to set a timer for those or I swear I’d forget. And how about all of the water I’m supposed to consume in a day? Drinking water takes time AND makes you pee.. a lot! So of course there’s going to the bathroom, but that’s something you can’t skip cause when you gotta go you gotta go, but still, time must be alloted.

Now, let’s address all the maintenance that needs paying attention to; waxing, shaving, plucking, face washing, moisturizing, manicures, pedicures, hair color, hair cutting, blow drying, (I think showering and bathing are a given, but they still need time alloted for them), make up application, make up removal, sun block application, mani/pedi home upkeep.

And finally there are my obsessive compulsions. I must check my email every 10 minutes, I must snuggle with my dog for the first hour we’re awake, I must call Sister twice a day, I must empty the dishwasher when I know it’s clean and fold any laundry that is in the dryer.  I must check Facebook especially the Superfriend’s page and then I must watch any music videos DJ Super Pilot has posted, which tends to lead to other Superfriends posting music videos which I must watch and then of course I have to find a clever music video to post which always takes time.

And I KNOW I’m forgetting stuff. Like feeding my dog 3 times/day. So really… how am I supposed to get all of this stuff done, maintain my job, my health, my insanity, and still have a life which includes 5-6 days a week with Friend With Benefits, and watching all the tv shows I record on my DVR? I think this blog entry in itself has just counteracted all of my adrenal repair supplements from the past week. I mean seriously, how is a Type-A girl supposed to do it all? And I don’t even have kids!

I really need to go balance in Tree Pose for 15 minutes so I can slow my racing heart and mind and get a good night sleep to start this mania again tomorrow!


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4 Responses to Plucking, and Shaving, and Flossing… Oh My!

  1. kenny mccabe says:

    And no time for men?

  2. Are you kidding Kenny? No girl in her right mind would put herself through waxing and plucking if there weren’t a man involved. You’ll just have to catch up on some of the recent posts to see what I’ve been up to…

  3. Kirin says:

    Sister, you are SOOOOOO speaking my language! Sometimes I cry because of all the things that I have to do….but if there was a way to delegate out to someone else to eat for me, get my hair and nails done, etc. I’d do it! And I DO have kids and a hubby (that I actually like to spend time with) and friends, and to feed my spirit lately I’ve started dedicating 20-25 hours/month volunteering with disadvantaged women (who are homeless, living in battered women’s shelters, and on the welfare to work program through the state) to help them with job interviewing skills and creating a positive self image so those (mostly) single mamas can bring home the bacon and take care of their families. Makes the hair, nails, waxing, etc. appointments seem especially silly then….and then really makes me want to have someone else do it for me.
    Anyway, thanks for listening and opening up this conversation! xoxo

  4. Kirin you are a Wonder Woman! And the hair and nails, are important to your mission because you are setting an example for them. Taking care of yourself is part of that example. Now, they can’t see the waxing, but it’s always a fun conversation starter, as is Vajazzling (see Things We Do For Men or Do We? Dec 15).

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