The Gypsy Has Landed

There are ups and downs to living like a gypsy, and I’m not just referring to the take-offs and landings of Virgin Airlines. Things change when you’re moving from place to place and I’m not being kept in the loop. It’s nobody’s fault… I can’t expect to be kept up to speed on every change but today it presented a problem!

I was taking care of Sister’s mini dog today while picking up my car in Simi Valley, grocery shopping for my stay, and picking up my mail. Upon returning to Sister’s with Mini (Mini is a ‘he’ so it’s a good thing he’s a dog because he wouldn’t be thrilled at being referred to by Mini) I unlocked the door and accidentally dropped Mini, because I’m not used to small dogs and I had to run to turn off the burglar alarm… and within’ seconds I had become ‘the burglar’.

Upon my stern advice, after breaking up with the boyfriend who had her parking pass, key, and alarm code… she changed her alarm code, BUT forgot to tell me. She’s had the same code for two decades, so I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong…

HAVE YOU HEARD THE SOUND OF AN ADT ALARM SYSTEM????? It sounds like 10,000 bats screeching into a megaphone right next to your ear! Mini was freaking out! I was freaking out! I couldn’t turn it off, and then it hit me- ADT was about to call me for her password and I wasn’t sure that I knew what it was. AND to top it off Sister doesn’t get AT&T reception at her place, so as I’m trying to find reception bars to call her, the home phone rings and of course it’s ADT, and I gave them the password and it was WRONG! I told them I was her sister and I was given the number of letters in the password and I was guessing and couldn’t get it right.

Even though this is all happening within 120 seconds, it felt like forever, because the screeching bats wouldn’t turn off. I grab Mini and take him outside, forgetting to put a leash on him because I’m too frazzled, get a few bars and call Sister who doesn’t pick up and because I’m an iPhone user, I have no idea what her work number is because I just press ‘Sister Work’ so I couldn’t call her office.  OY! I texted her– YOUR ALARM IS GOING OFF!!! She called me and told me the code and the password just as it turned off. Then I told her to call ADT so they wouldn’t send the police and I cart me away, because as Sister was in her car on the phone with me, ADT called her and went to her voicemail.

Sister was trying to get in touch with ADT, but being in her car, she kept getting the wrong number of ADT and they couldn’t transfer her and she couldn’t write down the correct number.

Three minutes later the alarm went off again and I had to call her for the code because in all the confusion I had forgotten it. Now had this been a true rom com, the police would have arrived and taken me away, some shenanigans would have ensued and I would have fallen in love with an adorable Beverly Hills Cop…

But it’s not, it’s my life, and five minutes later, I had turned off the alarm, developed a terrible headache from the screeching bats, ate half a bag of Trader Joes, gluten free hickory smoke potato chips, and then fell asleep for an hour on the couch.


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