I’m Giving IC A Demotion!

You know why It’s Complicated is a terrible name? Because I don’t like relationships that are complicated! I was fine with Friend With Benefits but HE was the one who kept sharing his feelings and incorporating me into his life when I was telling him not to. Before I went out of town he was concerned about me wanting to hook up with someone in another city. I don’t understand guys. He knows I haven’t been with a guy before him in like 2 years, and now that I’m with him I’m going to want to ‘slut around’ the United States? I’m starting to understand that t-shirt “Boys are stupid throw rocks at them!” The artist has a gallery at The Grove. I think I’ll go sit in it for a while!

Now I’ve been out of town for 7 days, and he’s pretty much been incognito. I know the first few days he was in pain, but where are my morning and evening texts? Hello? When you have a ‘thing’ you must remain consistent.  Shady may have been a pathological liar, but for 7 years I got flowers EVERY week. RCG RULE: don’t start a ‘thing’ unless you can keep it going, because when you get inconsistent, flags go up, and today’s yellow flags are tomorrow’s red flags!

My walls are going up. I have one more week out of town and now I have a bad attitude. Now I want to demote him and go back to Friend With Benefits- that’s it! No more! Because this is my life. No matter where I end up living, because of my career I will be traveling. And clearly he’s not good ‘out of town’.

DJ Super Pilot asked me early on in the week when I missed him, if I miss HIM or his ‘parts’. Well, if I missed Him at the beginning of the week, I’ve changed my mind! From now on it’s all about his parts! He was so close to getting the pearl out of the clam shell and now it’s shut– tight!

When I find myself doing all of the reaching out, I don’t like it. And Sister can tell you, I can turn someone off like a light switch. It will probably mean I’ll be pining away for First Love for the next week, which is always frustrating. I hate that I compare everyone to him. But I have enough complications in my life right now, I don’t need a man to be one of them! If it’s not fun it’s not for me. I’m ranting because I’m pissed!

There’s two sides to every story and I’m sure he’s got his own crap happening on the other side of the states, but it’s called communication! I don’t know… maybe I need to go back to what works- boy toys. They are tried and true. This whole friend with benefits may be too complicated for my lifestyle!

Grumpy Girl signing off!


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    Do you at least have a good toy until you can return to the fleshy one. Mama thinks baby needs some release…:)

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