Can We Pretty-Please Go Back To Downward Dog?

The view is especially nice from that position. You see, from upside down between my legs, I’m peering at a hot long-haired blond guy, with tanned skin, and lean muscles galore! His triceps are striated! Hello Muga! Now ladies, I can’t remember the last time I checked out a guy with long hair. Probably because the ones in LA all look like tired-old rock stars who refuse to follow Bon Jovi’s lead and cut theirs. And none of them have seen sunlight since ’82. But this guy took me back…. way back…. waaaaaaay back to when I wouldn’t date a guy with hair shorter than mine, and mine was halfway down my back.

I’d forgotten what a “surfer dude” looked like. This guy has brought “the look” back with a bag of chips… another thing I’m not allowed to have unless it clearly states ‘Gluten Free’ on the bag.

I was so distracted. Here I am in my ‘hour of me-time’ praying for positions that would put him in my eye line. The nice thing about yoga, is that when you’re looking toward someone, they’re looking in another direction, so it’s really easy to check people out. Luckily, I was layered (because the room is always freezing!), so I kept peeling layers off, which would be very sexy if he were checking me out too. Which of course I wouldn’t know, because every time I was in his eye line, I was facing the other direction. Another bonus, is I was wearing one of my spaghetti strapped tops which always just about pops a nip when I’m bent over. And every time we folded forward and then took a deep breath in to come up to our fingertips with a flat back, he had the perfect opp to check out ‘the girls’ in the mirror. Again, I have no idea if he was checking them out, because I too was watching ‘the girls’ like you’d watch a Jenga tower as you’re pulling out a block. Because while you do want the anticipation of possible ‘nip exposure’ you don’t want to actually, pop the nip, so I had to keep close tabs. When we got into hard core vinyasas, I had to pull the bottom of the tank up over my cleavage so there would be no accidents. This isn’t a bad thing, because while the nips can’t pop while the tank top is folded up, the abs can. Ah, yeah. And I was working that oujai breath to keep them lookin’ g-ood, good!

On the plus side, I’m now very motivated to go to 8pm yoga, as this is the second time I’ve seen him in the class. It’s hard to motivate for such a late class UNLESS there is hotness to be seen. On the minus side, when there is HOTNESS right behind me, I tend to show off, not the point of yoga, and now I’m very sore! On the plus side, that means I should take an Epsom salt bath with bubbles and lavender oil, the perfect ‘fantasizing’ location. On the minus side, I’m so tired that I could potentially fall asleep in the tub and drown and then I’d have to miss 8pm yoga tomorrow night… I think I’ll work through the pain.

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5 Responses to Can We Pretty-Please Go Back To Downward Dog?

  1. Scrumplish says:

    OK, mind is on….well… When I started reading this one, it was half way through before I realized, “Oh, she’s talking about a YOGA position!”. Hee…hee….thought you were referring to the nasty with IC. My bad.

  2. No IC spent the night at home with his cat. I guess that’s his substitution for pus… I can’t write it. It’s too crude. But this kitten’s getting restless!

  3. Scrumplish says:

    Damn….was hoping he had come to his senses.

  4. I’m the one who’s pulling back now… we’ll see. Otherwise there’s hot yoga guy 😉

  5. Scrumplish says:

    Can’t you have both???

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