Sex And The City Skewed Men’s Ideas About Women

Gals, have you taken the quiz? You know the one to find out if you’re a Carrie or a Charlotte or a Samantha or a Miranda? Have you taken it more than once? If so, what were your results?

Here’s why I’m bringing this up. Some Scuzzo tried to post a comment on yesterday’s “I’m in heat” entry which made me throw up a little in my mouth, and so I deleted it to spare you all and blocked him from the blog. Now, I’m guessing, that as women, who like me, have ‘cycles’, you’ve probably noticed that certain times of the month you are a little bitchier, certain times of the month there is blood rushing from your vajooge, certain times of the month you are hornier than usual, and certain times of the month you actually feel somewhat normal. Four ‘certain times’ which correspond with four weeks, which make up the month of a woman.

So this Creep, starts spewing out disgusting propositions to me as if I was some whore who was going to write him back and take his money to do those things to him. I’m guessing the reason he needs my services is because he’s too fat to find those parts himself!

In an ode to Carrie Bradshaw’s fictitious column, I ask the question: Can good girls be bad?

The reason I think that Sex and The City skewed men’s ideas about women, is because when you write characters for a show, you have to play up stereotypes so that different voices create an interesting dynamic. Well I have news for you fellas, when Candice wrote that, I’m willing to bet there was a little bit of her in each of those characters. Why? Because I took the quiz, many times, and depending on my cycle, I always turned out to be a different character.

You men think that you can hang with a Carrie, work with a Miranda, sleep with a Samantha, but marry a Charlotte. That’s such crap. You guys just don’t get it. Women are all of those characters mixed into one.  You get the whole package.

Yes, you can hang out on the couch with me watching Adam Sandler films and take me to football games like you would ‘a Carrie’, and you know what else? When you take me home to meet your mom, she’s going to meet ‘Charlotte.’ Then, I’ll excuse myself for a few hours to slip into Type A ‘Miranda’ mode because I run a successful business and it’s at the top of my priority list… but do you think that with all of that, I have to suddenly be some goody-two-shoes in the bedroom or all of the fore mentioned becomes obsolete? HELL TO THE NO! Darlin’ when you get me in the bedroom I’m going to put ‘Samantha’ to shame… I’m pulling out all the stops. You know why? Because there is nothing wrong with being a good girl to the world and a bad girl for you. It doesn’t make me a slut, it doesn’t make me crazy, it doesn’t make me bi-polar. It makes me ‘well-rounded’.

Since when does being a rockstar in the bedroom make you non-marriage material? Are you guys nuts? You should be praying for an all-in-one Sex and the City Girl. Because the alternative is having a one note relationship with your goody goody wife whom you won’t let off her back because you wouldn’t want to disrespect the mother of your children, and then you go out and cheat on her with some dumb stripper you meet in Atlantic City.

Come on fellas, get with the program. Every woman’s got some Samantha in her, and you should be thankful for it, you should encourage her, you should kneel at her feet for it, because if you don’t, she’s going to get B-O-R-E-D with you and wonder what these strange urges she’s getting are when she watches True Blood, and eventually while you’re schtupping the stripper, she causing a racket with her tennis instructor.

Girls, get your freak on! Don’t worry about which character you are, discover each one of them inside you. The fun and silly, the polite and demure, the confident and successful, the vixen and the wild child. Embrace them all. Life’s too sort to try to fit into a mold and please people. You’ve got to be you. Balance the characters anyway you like. Or let your ‘cycles’ determine who you are this day, this hour, this minute. Either way, you can’t lose when you’re being true to yourself. And if that makes me a “bad girl” I believe you missed the point…


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5 Responses to Sex And The City Skewed Men’s Ideas About Women

  1. Jeff says:

    I think you have it backwards. Sex and the City skews women’s ideas about relationships. The show didn’t do anything to men. It did however, do everything to mess up women about relationships. Women who watch that show base a lot of their actions in relationships of how it was portrayed in the show.

    • I’m intrigued …. do explain, because I know if I ever had a great man like Aidan in my life, I sure as heck wouldn’t “pull a Carrie!” That move cost the show my viewing for the next season! I also know if had a guy as hot and young as Smith, I’d know better than to fall in love with him. Demi & Ashton are either the exception to the rule or a really good Hollywood cover up… but how often does the 15-year age difference work for an older woman? And while there are TONS of women out their “emasculating their Steve’s” they were doing it looooong before they ever watched Miranda doing it. And speaking for the Charlottes of the world who’ve found ourselves in sexless relationships with a Trey, trust me, we don’t stay in the relationship because we want to be like Charlotte, we stay in because we are in DEEE-NIIIIIIII-AAAAAL!

  2. Jeff says:

    All of the characters are extremely bad girlfriends. Girls watch this show and identify with a character, and try to act in their real relationships how that character acts in theirs.
    Samantha is obvious; she wants sex without love. Not girlfriend material.
    Charlotte is the most boring person in the world. A prude all around. Very uptight and contributes to her loneliness.
    Miranda is married to her work; is in one word, a b…itch. She is also uptight and won’t let anyone in. Ice comes to mind.
    Carrie is the worst one of them all. How could you ever ever ever trust a girl like that? Who is in their 30’s and cheats? I will tell you who….someone you should never ever date. She goes back to big every single time, even though he has time and time again showed her she can’t commit.

    To what you said, Smith was a good guy, but it was Samantha who messed that up. It doesn’t matter how hot he was, it was her fault. I am not saying that girls want to be like any of the characters. But, the show has so much influence and pull, that the girl starts to believe that the actions the character took were the right ones, and they copy those actions.

    I would not look to celebrities for a thumbs up or down, or for making any decisions in life. Celebrities are completely opposite of real life, so look to real life relationships for statistics.

    My point to all of this, is when guy’s watch Sex and the City, they don’t [subconsciously or not] alter/change their actions in relationships. But girls do. Just about all of their girls I have dated and been in relationships with watch and love this show, and either make comments or act a certain way in favor of a character they identify with. I like the show, but it sucks that none of the characters are good role models.

  3. Jeff says:

    I have met a lot of Carries’ in my life where they will continually go back to that certain a-hole that they cannot get enough of. Either because they love the bad boy a-holes, or that they hope he will change. Either way, that is a girl to stay the hell away from because she will break your heart in the end.

  4. You are very wise, Jeff! Thanks for the kick in the butt! I shared your thoughts with my readers in today’s blog entry

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