There Was Something Special About Tonight…

At midnight I made a silent toast to someone’s birthday… but what was REALLY exciting about it, was I made the toast with my new “signature drink”! I have so much secret stuff to tell you gals, but I can’t yet…

I know I know I’m such a tease, but I promise it will be worth it. AdventureBiz Babe, sent me a note from her sister that I was going to have a “big idea” if I gave myself the time to dream about it and relax enough to let it flow… and in the middle of my acupuncture session on Thursday, a culmination of ideas that had been swirling around in my head came together, like puzzle pieces… I can’t wait to share it with all of you! The big reveal will come in November, but perhaps before then, there’ll be a few secrets revealed.

In the mean time.. enough of that cryptic stuff. Sister and I went out tonight! We got all dolled up and went to “the avenue” where people of all ages and styles co-mingle together. At first it wasn’t going well. We sat at the bar, Sister got a glass of wine and I got my signature drink for the very first time. The bartender thought I was off my rocker, but Sister gave her a huge tip, so she was cool with it.  There were guys all around, but no one was talking to us. Sister said that we didn’t look like we fit in. We were looking L.A. kind of, if L.A. means, not tacky, which seemed to be “the look” this evening.

I was reminded of my freshman year, first semester, when every night I went out to the campus bar and no guys would talk to me.  Then on my last day of finals, I decided to go celebrate with a shot of coca cola, and went straight from the test to the bar… in my Champion sweatshirt and leggings. Suddenly, half the guys in the bar were talking to me. These were the same guys who were there every night. While surrounded by a group of 4 friends, I asked them why this was the first time they decided to talk to me. The answer was “this is the first time you look approachable.”

I guess Sunday night when Sister and I go to the Blue Martini we should wear sweats and an old Bon Jovi t-shirt if we want guys to talk to us.

Finally, I had to break the ice with the guy standing next to me. Moments before, some girl walked up to him giving the, “You look so familiar, where do I know you from?” He politely informed her that she didn’t look the least bit familiar to him, but she got his name and gave hers and they talked for a bit, and I just turned to Sister and said, “That really works?” He must have been a bit unresponsive because she gave up for a few minutes but then returned to tell him it was really bothering her because he looked SO familiar. I leaned in to him and advised him to tell her he’s a J. Crew model and she probably recognizes him from the catalogue.

He liked that. I don’t know if it was that by suggesting it I was insinuating that he could in fact be a model, or that I was talking to him, or what, but that started the conversation that would last for the rest of Sister and my evening there. Turns out he was from Long Island and went to College in my hometown, and I was from my hometown and went to college on Long Island. I told him his football team used to beat ours. He told me he never played sports. I decided it was time to talk to his friend.

His friend was from Brazil. I told him I took Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a year with the Gracies. This impressed him. I somehow managed to drop a few more little tidbits of information on him. He started calling me the Snapple Lady. I didn’t get it because I can’t drink Snapple, because it has enough caffeine in it to kill me. He explained that I was full of “fun facts” (I guess it’s better than having someone think you’re full of sh*t). I guess Snapple bottles have fun facts on them.

Anyway, when the clock struck midnight, I said my silent happy birthday, finished my drink and said goodbye to the guys. Sister and I have to get up early tomorrow to hang out with Brazilian Booty Banger. He’s going to show Sister around his area so she’ll love it so much she’ll want to move there. Hopefully it won’t take much since I want to move there. Must get some sleep… we’re hitting the road early tomorrow.


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  1. Yvonne Hall says:

    NOVEMBER?????!!!!!!!!??????????? come on you are killing me!!!

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