The Brilliance Of The Fist Bump

Oh WHY didn’t they have the fist bump when I was growing up? I’ll admit, up until a month ago, I had NO respect for the fist bump. I thought it was something that losers on Jersey Shore did (not that I ever watch that show, I just see clips on The Soup). But now…. NOW… I’ve seen the light. I’ve seen the beauty. I’ve seen the brilliance of the fist bump. Boy could this have saved me years of misunderstandings. How many young men’s hearts would never have been broken, if this gesture had been realized a few decades ago? Many!

I’ve often.. too often found myself in situations with guy friends, with whom I have no attraction, investing years into a friendship, only to find out that alas… the guy has feelings for me. After years of friendship, he is convinced I’ve given both cause and clues for him to deduce that I too, have romantic feelings for him. And by ‘him’ I mean every guy friend this has happened with. And HE is always wrong. And poof! There goes years of investment into a friendship.

That has always pissed me off! There have been times in these friendships, when other guys have called me out and said, “RCG, that guy likes you,” and I answer, “No, he knows we’re just friends.” To which I receive an eye roll or a a face grimace that is inferring “REALLY?!” To which I respond, that I’ve even broached the subject and he is crystal clear that we are just friends.

In the end, the warnings always come to fruition and another male friendship bites the dust dragging a broken heart behind it.

But now.. enter the fist bump! I can’t take credit for this realization. It was introduced to me by FWB! A month or so ago, I was on the treadmill when I got a text from him. It seemed pretty random, until I realized he was texting from the recumbent bike. I hadn’t seen him in months and he looked great. He looked happy. So it wasn’t awkward at all when I finished my treading and went over to say hello. We had a nice hug hello, caught up briefly and I had to get to yoga, so when we said goodbye, he put out his fist. At first I wasn’t sure what to do, but then I got it… he wanted to fist bump.

I walked away laughing to myself, like what the heck was up with the fist bump. But then a few nights later I went out to a movie with a guy friend. We knew each other from high school and have been friends for the last decade, and he recently found himself in my neighborhood, so we’ve been hanging out. Two fish out of water. He’s great but not a guy I want to date. So when he insisted on paying for the movie, I was a little worried. He’s awesome and I don’t want to send out wrong signals or lead him on in any way.

We saw a romantic comedy and laughed about it the whole drive home. And then it was time for the drop off goodbye. Now in the past, I’ve always given the hug. I hug my girlfriends I hug my guy friends. But not anymore. I said goodbye and put out my fist and he gave me the fist bump. There is NO mixed messages when you get the fist bump.

Do y’all understand how HUGE this is for me?!?!?!? I don’t care if the fist bump goes “out” I will use it for the rest of my life!

This is a beautiful, beautiful thing!


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  1. AdventureBiz Babe says:

    Absolutely brilliant!

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