A Dirty Dancing Weekend

It sounds soooooo sexy doesn’t it? Yeah… not where I’m going with this… at all. In fact the only thing that made this a “Dirty Dancing” weekend, was that I spent it like Baby, dancing by myself, just about as spazzy as she was in the beginning of the film.

Let me take you back…

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I’ve recently been swept into the world of country music. Being the obsessive type of person that I am, I get immersed in that world, which means… line dancing.

Let me preface this by saying, “I can dance!” Now that I said that, there’s a difference between dancing to a song, and doing a choreographed dance to a song.

I went to a country bar the other night that had a corral dance floor as big as a roller rink. A song would come on and 100 people would sprint to the dance floor and do a line dance. It was like a flash mob. And every song had a different dance. How do these people remember so many? And how do they know which dance goes with which song?

I kept having different guys pull me to the dance floor claiming “this one’s easy.” Easy?!?! These are clearly the same guys who think riding a horse is easy. Tried that.. disaster! Story for another day.

Line dancing is not easy… for me. BUT watching these people who were SO good and having SO much fun, I was dying to jump in, but not wanting to embarrass myself.

So I left with a mission. I came home, googled the most popular line dances, looked them up on YouTube, and like Baby, danced in my room alone for hours. I even had my hand up in the air like she did and that’s not part of the dance. I was counting, I was saying words like rock step and grapevine out loud, and peeps… it wasn’t helping.

I need the inspiration of a hot Patrick Swayze-ish cowboy line-dancing teacher. Having a hot teacher makes learning necessary. I must learn if my teacher is hot!

I always pictured line dancing to be like the square dancing we did in 6th grade. I was soooo wrong! Forget about the girls, they are not important. The GUYS can freakin’ dance! They put their own spin on the Watermelon Crawl and the Earthquake. The young guys looked like a boyband… if InSync had line danced, this is what they would have looked like!

Okay, Baby AKA me is going back to YouTube to work on my moves. I figure if I get one or two dances down the rest will be easier to pick up.

Famous last words! Tune in to my next blog which will most likely be called MY TWO LEFT FEET


By the way, the book is for sale on this site if you didn’t notice. Yeehaw!


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