One For The Money Movie Review

Image Okay, yes, it appears that I’m giving One For The Money starring Katherine Heigl 5 diamond tiaras, but actually it really gets a 3 out of 5 as in, if you want to wait for it to come to HBO, you’ll be fine.

But I am giving 5 diamond tiaras for the 5 main things I liked about the movie:

1. Jason O’Mara- He can do NO WRONG in my eyes AND supposedly he’s born in 1972, which means he’s not “younger man status”… not that he’s single or would ever be interested in me, it’s just the point that I find a guy who is 40 super sexy hot! That means there’s hope for me. Okay back to the movie review.

2. I love when romantic comedies throw a mashup in there. It works for songs on Glee and it works for mashing up genres… a chick bounty hunter meets romantic high jinks. Fun fun fun! So yes, the movie is cute.. maybe I’m rethinking my 3, maybe I’m being too harsh because the one thing that kept pulling me out was Katherine’s bad accent. (I love her in everything else, so it’s okay to have one negative criticism).

3. Katherine’s bringing curly back… Holla!!! I’m getting so sick and tired of blowing my hair straight and then using that dang straightening iron which I know is doing terrible damage to my hair but not half the damage that Brazilian straightening treatment did three years ago. PLEASE Katherine, do what Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman did for women with naturally curly hair!

4. The shower scene… that’s all I’m sayin’

5. There may or may not be a tie-in to a guy she’s had a thing for, for over a decade… not that I can relate… or maybe I can which is why it’s number 5. I wouldn’t mind what happened on her couch happening on my couch… that’s all I’m sayin’

Overall, as I said, very cute. The coming attractions were GREAT. Can not wait for This Means War!!!!


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