The Vow Movie Review

Okay, no tiaras for this review because there aren’t enough to fit to describe how much I loved this movie!!! So 3 things are going to happen in this post:

1. A quick movie review

2. A First Love story… yes I have to go there

3. Cliff notes of Sister and my conversation after the movie

Here we go…

1. I’m not spoiling anything by telling you that this movie is a true story. That only made it more powerful! It is a true love story. Sister just said that the movie depressed her because she wants a love that strong. And that’s pretty much all I can tell you because you’re just going to have to see it yourself. Ah.. one more thing… the movie affected me THAT much more because in the final scene and over the credits played a very nostalgic song, which leads me to…

2. I imagine every person reading this blog has been in a relationship that has been successful for at least a certain amount of time. Leo, the lead character narrates in parts of the film and talks about “moments of impact” in a relationship. The longer the success the less you remember in a sense, BUT there are those “moments of impact.” One of them for me was after a long break up with First Love, we were still a bit awkward around each other. I think it was my first time sleeping at his house and I was confronted with my first “test” (I can’t say that it was a conscious test on his part, but I can’t say it wasn’t). I hated The Cure. I constantly mocked Robert Smith’s cracky crying voice. Yet, there I lay in FL’s arms, the room only lit by the lights on his stereo, and “Pictures of You” on replay. Over and over I listened to that song. He told me he had listened to this song while we were broken up and wanted me to hear it. I can’t remember exactly how he put it, but the impact of the moment was that I felt the pain I’d put him through during our break up. I haven’t been able to listen to the song since because it just reminds me of how much I hurt him. And there I was, watching a movie about a man who loves a woman so much his heart is breaking and Pictures of You comes on… and no, it was not the Adele version which I could have handled. So I cried and cried and cried and cried until everyone had left the theater and I’d used up all the tissues I’d brought. Sister asked me if I was crying because of the movie or because of the song… how could I answer? They were intertwined…

3. Upon returning home, Sister and I were talking about how romantic Leo was. And then Sister said, “Why don’t guys realize that we drag them to these movies because we want them to see what we want?” She brought up a good point. I’ve had some very romantic moments in relationships. Most of them were when I was younger. Makes me wonder if the older guys get, and the more burned they’ve been by women, the less inclined they are to make heartfelt romantic gestures. All I know is I’m getting older, which means when I do wind up in a relationship he will be older too (hopefully), and I won’t settle.  Those truly thoughtful, heartfelt, romantic gestures are a must for me. Hey, I’m a romantic comedy girl, they are a necessity. Not to worry potential man of my dreams, your gestures will be fully appreciated and my thoughts will always be “how can I make you happy” “how can I make you feel special”…

But until I find him, I’ll just have to get my fix in the theater. So This Means War… here I come 🙂



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