To Shave Of Not To Shave… That Is The Question

I have recognized the new following of male readers this blog has been attracting, and therefore this particular entry is very difficult to write. Why? Because I’m about to give away a “chick secret”… at least I think it’s still a secret….

There comes a time in all women’s lives where we have to ask ourselves a very important question.

“How far do I want to let him go?”

For the most part this question is asked early on in a relationship, a time where animal attraction is at its most fierce and the good decision making brain cells are at their weakest.

Because of this tug-of-war, women have been forced to out smart themselves by creating barriers that become “insurance”. The most talked about insurance policies are “the granny panties.” These are those big ugly, yet comfortable panties, that no sexy woman would ever let a guy see her in. Hence, the insurance. Put a pair of those ugly undergarments on and there’s no way you’re letting him take off your jeans… or is there?

The problem with the Granny Panty insurance policy, is a woman with skills can actually take off her jeans and panties at the same time, avoiding any embarrassing visual.  We’ve been forced to come up with a better insurance plan. That plan? Strategic shaving!

There are 3 major areas that fall under this premium:

1. Armpits

2. Legs

3. Vajooge

A woman can determine how much insurance she needs and shave accordingly (Note: anywhere I write shave, you can substitute wax if that’s your preference).

Here’s how the policy works: If a woman does not want the guy getting anything more than a kiss, she doesn’t shave anywhere. Hairy pits will keep any sexy woman from  allowing her shirt to be removed, and disallow any wandering hands. You never know when a man’s hand can go astray and you wouldn’t want him to even get a brief brush of underarm stubble.

Next, there’s the legs. Usually when you’re at this point, it goes hand and hand with the vajooge, but not necessarily. Unshaven legs are more for a woman’s mindset. She knows she can’t wear a skirt or a dress, which are both dangerous when not wanting a man’s hands to travel upward. That said, if you can handle the temptation and you DON’T shave the vajooge, shaving the legs and wearing a skirt always makes for a fun evening.. or lunch hour.

Finally, the obvious. Let’s face it, as a woman, if your vajooge is not shaven to your idea of sexy, a man isn’t getting anywhere near it! It’s an excellent insurance policy.

Which leads me back to my original question. To shave or not to shave? I have 24 hours to decide. The armpits are a no brainer, the legs will be shaved… BUT what to do about part 3 of my premium policy. Do I even need my policy activated? Will there be a tug of war? Do I trust myself or do I give myself over to Venus.. the choice for every Goddess? Hmmmmm it may be a game day decision.

Cue Jay-Lo!

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10 Responses to To Shave Of Not To Shave… That Is The Question

  1. Page Turner says:

    Do it and find another resolve if you decide the temptations too great cuz why deprive yourself of feeling sexiest! I mean at least for me I feel more sexy if it’s all taken care of. I’d probably think of it as a game, a tease if you will “I know all the soft, smooth, silky parts that are under these clothes and you don’t get them … until next time (or whatever amount of time you see fit)” or something along those lines. Have fun!

  2. John G says:

    First off, Congrats!

    The fact you’re asking the question means that something great is going to happen either way.

    Second, if you want a man’s perspective – I don’t think it’s a female secret. Then again, I haven’t seen sexy clothes in years, so maybe I just plain have been missing the stop signs. Or obeying them as the case may be. (mostly the latter, but I have TAKEN CARE OF THAT PROBLEM).

    Then again, I’m an optimist I guess – I say go for it! And I’m not saying that for “the brotherhood” I say do whatever you want to make YOU feel better.

    Besides, if you feel you are ‘letting’ him, he’s not doing it right 🙂

    == John ==

  3. Ray says:

    I must be way too old.
    When I started having sex the vajooge was never shaved. Everything thing there in all it’s natural beauty. Once in awhile you might come away feeling like you’d been flossing but if you had any facial hair for any length of time, (the guy), you were used to it. It was expected and part of the deal.
    The first time I met a shaved vajooge it was a shock. I was skeeved out a bit, it seemed pre pubescent. It didn’t help any that the woman was small either. Now a days, (see, I even SOUND old), the landscaping is the norm and it’s kinda nostalgic to encounter one in full bloom. And as an artist it’s always nice to see the creative designs a woman can come up with.
    I realize that the shaving concept is a self imposed, mental limits insurance for you ladies but trust me, unless the guy is a poof or a poser, he won’t care if you’re landscaped or not. VIVA VAJOOGE!!

    Look,it’s nice, interesting, appreciated and down right flattering that your woman has gone to the trouble to shave for you, or for herself), but we’re drawn to the woman her own self, not just the look of the body parts.

    • John G says:

      Look,it’s nice, interesting, appreciated and down right flattering that your woman has gone to the trouble to shave for you, or for herself), but we’re drawn to the woman her own self, not just the look of the body parts.

      Right on Ray, right on!

      The gates of Heaven can’t be made more beautiful, no matter how the horticulture is layed out.

      == John ==

      • Between Ray and John, I may have to write a new blog post about how men are drawn to the woman and not the look of the body parts, you two rock! … If only I hadn’t heard yesterday that one of my friends is considering a boob lift because her male friend told her with her real boobs she wasn’t “competitive” … the good news is, I know where he lives and he’s gonna get ripped a new one!

  4. Ray says:

    “Competitive” my ass! But that’s L.A.
    Years ago, gaffing a film out there my friend James LeGros said, “All the prettiest girls in every town across the country come here to LA. All the prettiest women go to New York.”

    Opinions vary.

  5. steven wolfe says:

    The body parts!! They are so pleasant.They are so nice, but if she’s not beautiful on the inside. I wouldn’t look at them twice. 🙂

  6. jgwinner says:

    Hey RCG, I have a follow on question. Do MEN need to shave? I’m recently re-entering the dating scene, and I’ve been told by someone I trust that I simply must shave. #3. Not a trim, clean shaven.

    I’ve never done that.


    Not that I had much chest hair, that can go, but not looking forward to irritating the boys.


    == John ==

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