Why Californication And UPS Don’t Mix

Clearly I have been living under a rock because I missed the Californication train! Even though David Ducovny was in Return To Me, a rather charming Rom Com that I’ve seen several times, he never had the sexy factor for me… at all! But Hank Moody?!?!? Hello! I’ve watched 2 seasons in two days and this weekend I’ll probably make it through another 4! I love it! Not rom com by any means, but the comedy is so frickin’ witty!

Now, if you don’t watch the show there is also a huge sex factor in, so huge that porn is introduced in the second season. But it’s not porn, it’s a scripted tv show with a B storyline possibly even a C storyline about porn for a few episodes.

I just happened to be watching one of those episodes when…

First let me sidebar and say that I am one of those people who tips the mailman and  knows the UPS guy. Yes, I believe in being friendly to people you see on a regular basis and therefore I know my UPS guy by name and we always have a light banter when he comes… which is often because I’m like Steve Martin in Bowfinger AFTER Chubby Rain.

Why did I just tangentilize? Because when UPS guy came yesterday, I was 3 hours deep into watching Californication, so when he rang the bell, I hit pause and went to greet him.

Oddly, he dropped the package at my front gate and scampered away before I could say hello. Not like him. Very strange, or so I thought, until I turned around to walk back to my house and noticed that my plantation shutters were open and the screen was paused on Daisy (the pornstar)… full frontal nudity.

OY! I looked like I was watching porn in the middle of the afternoon. Not that there’s a more appropriate time to watch porn, or if there is I wouldn’t know because I don’t watch it! My UPS guy thinks I’m a perv! This is awful!!

Here’s my plan.. I am going to put a DVD of Lady and The Tramp in the DVD player and pause it on the spaghetti scene and wait until he comes back. I’m an innocent.

It’s so Hank Moody to get me into an embarrassing situation like this! Anyway, on to season 3… with the shutters CLOSED!

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2 Responses to Why Californication And UPS Don’t Mix

  1. Elizabeth Kneissl says:

    It could have been worse, he could have seen the “porn” and rung the bell with certain “expectations” of how he was going to deliver his package…

    • This will teach me NOT to read comments on my iPhone while brushing my teeth with my electric toothbrush. This comment just made me burst out laughing, causing my toothbrush to splatter toothpaste and saliva all over me and my bathroom mirror! Dang multi-tasking!!!

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