How I Met the Superfriends

When I was in college, I was extremely active in my sorority. Non-Greeks would accuse us of “paying for friends.” My sorority dues did not go into other girls’ pockets so they would like me, the money had nothing to do with our friendships. What was unique about the Greek system, was the attraction process. Each sorority attracted their own group of like-minded girls. And within that large group, you found your “super friends.”

Years later, I’m still in touch with my early “super friends,” and now I’ve got a “grown-up group of super friends.” I met them in much the same way as I did my sorority sisters. The rush process didn’t involve going from “house to house” but instead from “hotel ballroom to hotel ballroom.” For the past eight years, I’ve been in too many hotel ballrooms to count. I’m a small business owner so I go to a lot of business seminars. When it came to finally deciding which business coach’s program I wanted to invest in, it was very much like the sorority rush experience.

I had spent the year targeting 5 well known business coaches and didn’t really feel a fit with their “audience” but I had to make a decision. A friend kept nudging me to attend one more 3-day-event. This was at a hotel ballroom in Vegas, and given by a business coach who in my opinion was too “girlie.” I’d seen her speak once on a panel with 6 men and 1 other woman. The men were the typical salesmen, whose events I’d been attending over the years,  the “other woman” was in a power suit, had a butch haircut, and said something like, “If you’re not motivated enough to join my program, you’re not going to make it!” In other words, she had “balls.” And then there was the girlie coach sitting with her perfectly shaped legs crossed under a tight designer skirt, with an animal print top, and stilettos that would make Carrie Bradshaw drool. Her hair and make-up were impeccable and obviously professionally done, and her jewelry sparkled and clanked as she spoke.

At the end of the panel I knew exactly whose 3-day program I was going to sign up for… the Chick With Balls! What the heck did I have in common with a “girlie girl?”

I attended the 3-day seminar given by the Chick With Balls, and guess who I met there? Predominantly guys (all of whom had balls… that’s just a guess, I didn’t actually check) and a lot of women with no balls. I was the ONLY chick with balls there (besides the Chick whose seminar it was… and her balls were getting bigger by the second..)

On the last day, we did a competitive exercise, and me being “the type” who goes all out for competition, came dressed for a red carpet event. It became so apparent that not only did I stick out like a sore thumb in this group, but that I also look fabulous in a glittery ball gown and heels… who knew? So, when I lost the competition to a twelve year old boy in an apron selling cupcakes, I knew these were not my people… and it was actually kind of scary to learn from a chick with bigger balls than all the guys in the room. So I allowed myself to be nudged to Vegas to see the “girlie girl.”

Now picture yourself walking through a desert, no water, food, or people in sight. You’re tired, hungry, dehydrated, and ready to give up, when all of a sudden you see what you assume must be a mirage… you go toward it and it’s materializing before your eyes… (cue the Enya) it’s Paradise!!! Only it’s not you, it’s ME, and the desert is Vegas and Paradise is a room filled with hundreds of women who look like me, dress like me, talk like me, think like me, have the same type A issues as me, and in the case of the “girlie girl” (who will from here on out be known as the Queen… because she’s the Queen of the girlie girls) hates to floss but knows she has to (like me!) and parks her car on weird angles (like me!!!!). The Queen had attracted a room filled with MEs!!!

And now in my second year of coaching with the Queen, I love shopping for jewelry, I wear 4 inch heels, and I get my hair blown out every week… oh and I also learn how to kick ass in business despite my lack of balls and wearing my new Chanel lipgloss! AND… the best part is that I’ve met the Superfriends, and they are: the Cowgirl, the Pilot, the Psychic, the Healer, the See-er, the Sommelier, and the Angel. The Angel isn’t in the program this year, but like all good angels, she still shows up to support us and we love her!

So now you know how I met my Superfriends, an amazing group of like-minded, gorgeous, fun, smart, and in Cowgirl’s words “woo-woo” women! Even though you can learn a little bit about them in my Cast of Characters, I had to formally introduce you because I’ve got a ton of stories, now that I just spent 5 days with them… so stay tuned!



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3 Responses to How I Met the Superfriends

  1. Sommelier (Cheers...) says:

    Oh how I miss my super-friends… the travels home from the ballroom were filled with fun but not as much fun as we had together. Cannot wait for the next installment.

  2. 😉 Glad you all had some great times saving the world from … well from ourselves! and having fun while doing it ~~ True super friends style.
    Now what was that event?????????? I’m looking for some super friends myself.
    Yvonne Hall
    taming your dinnertime chaos

  3. Kirin says:

    This is so great! In the past I’ve struggled with fitting into the right group….I think we all have. And when you find “your superfreinds” it’s like you’ve landed on the right planet. Hooray for that! Thanks for sharing this insightful and interesting post!



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