I May Need to Add a New Word to the Glossary…

Trippin’. Trippin’ is what I do sometimes when I just start thinking about random things that are so massive my head starts to hurt. For instance: Do you ever walk in a crowd and think about how many MILLIONS of people are in the world, who have their own lives, their own problems, their own passions, and that you don’t know them and probably never will? I tripp on that. Sometimes when I’m in a car in traffic and I look at the person in the car next to me and think, “hmmm, I don’t know you, and I will most likely never cross your path again.

Today I was trippin’. As I get older, time passes… am I a sure in for a Pulitzer, or what… but seriously, it does pass, and sometimes I tripp on how fast it’s going and other times, like today, I tripp on things like my past meeting my present. I know, it’s very Back to the Future. Let me explain.

A year or so ago, a guy friended me on Facebook. He had been a camp friend. Well, I don’t know if I can say camp friend, because he was a camper and I was a counselor. He’s three years younger than me which in camp years is decades. He was 8 when I was 11, he was 10 when I was 13, he was 14 and I was 17 (and his counselor) when he thought it would be cool to tie me to the wood beams of the bunk porch and try to seduce me. It was not cool. But he sure was cute trying, and I chewed out the Nature and Pioneering counselor the next day for teaching a bunch of horny teenagers, knots to tie up counselors with… which by the way was exactly what they were taught. My camp was Meatballs on speed. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s soooooo good.

Anyway, so he friends me and I see he married his camp sweetheart a few years before, and I wrote him something about how nice it was to see that the two of them had come full circle.

Two months ago, I get a random email, that they are divorced and life is good for him and he’s living in Florida and wanted to see how life was for me.

He had no idea that I was going bicoastal this year… why does that sound dirty? Probably because I said it. Anyway, he knew I lived in LA. So I wrote him back and said how sad I was to hear about his divorce and that I’d be in Florida quite a bit this year. So he told me to call him when I got here.

And I did. And I’m trippin’ because last time I saw him he was 14 and now he’s a man. I full grown man. And I’m just trippin’ because the face is the same… but he’s all grown up. It’s trippy!!! Where does the time go?

We talked for hours and it was so comfortable like no time had gone by and THAT.. IS… TRIPPY! He was still trying to seduce me, and even though I’ve been with guys MUCH younger than him, it still felt like I was his counselor and just wrong! Plus I’ve made out with all three of his older brothers during the course of my 5 summers at camp. I don’t think there’s a anything higher than a “hat trick” so I think I’ll stick to my guns on this one, and just say, “Thanks for the memories.”

Still trippin’ though…



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