Being a Sucker For Advertising is Creating a Problem!

You’ve seen my avatar, I love yoga and meditation, so when City Mattress hired Rodney Yee to be the spokesperson for their Prana bed (that’s a stretch [no pun intended] because he doesn’t speak he just meditates on the mattress) they were definitely targeting suckers like me. The ad shows this plush mattress with billowy white curtains blowing in the gentle breeze… and Rodney Yee doing Yoga in a field and then telepathically (I’m not a sic-fi nerd so I don’t think that’s the actual word I’m looking for since I believe that means his mind goes, how do the Star Trek people beam themselves around)… anyway, next thing I know Rodney is meditating in the beautiful bed, and I must have it.

If this were a movie script it would read :

Cut to:


RMG finds herself sprawled out on a Prana Vinyassa matress. The sales man is explaining that this is not just a bed.. it’s a lifestyle. He continues that people today are working on their computers in bed and having conference calls in bed, some even go so far as to eat their meals in bed (did this guy have a spy cam in my bedroom?). “The Prana mattress, is a mattress and a home office.”


And now I do. Sucker for advertising. But at least what he said is true… and here’s where it’s creating a problem. In my “new lifestyle” on my home office “mattress” I am getting some work done, and I’m also napping a heck of a lot more. And where I used to get up at 7:30am, now I doze around until 10. The thing is so dang comfortable! And yes, I’m sitting on it now in my yoga gear, ready to meditate in a few minutes, not that I normally meditate in bed, but I’ve put on the ceiling fan to make it feel like billowy wind, and I put on my wave sound machine, because instead of a beautiful field, I’m going to teleport (I’m pretty sure that’s the word) to an isolated sandy beach.

Hey, y’all… it’s a lifestyle!


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