Monday Morning Coffee Talks With Cowgirl

We interrupt this dating diet experiment to take a moment to appreciate true friendship. It’s interesting, I got a comment on my blog yesterday by a soulmate coach, she asked if I believed in soulmates. Hello… I’m a romantic comedy girl. There would be no reason to live if there wasn’t a soulmate out there to be the ying to my yang. Although any ex of mine would probably snicker at that comment considering I’ve never put the men in my life first. I guess I’ve always been focused on my other ‘soulmates.’ The sister soulmates. I’ve got this unproven belief that boyfriends are not forever but girlfriends are. While there have been disappointing ‘girlfriend relationships’ in my life, like growing apart from my best friend since childhood, and a very few others along the way, for the most part, the friends who’ve been my closest have stayed close to my heart. I still have one best friend since I was seven, and when I’m with my sorority sisters, it’s like no time has gone by, we just get each other.

And then there are the soulmates, the girlfriends you see from across a room and just know…

The older you get, the easier it is to spot them because you know what you want in a friendship. I think that’s why it was so easy to connect with the Superfriends. Soulmate sisters. Easy to love. Easy to laugh with. Easy to cry with. Easy to be honest with. Easy to hear the truth from, even when you don’t want to hear it. Just easy. Isn’t that how it is with soulmates? I believe so.

Every Monday morning Cowgirl and I talk. We’re in different states but it doesn’t matter. I always know when I hear the hustle and bustle and clanking and banging, that she is at that point in her Monday routine when she is at her local coffee shop getting her coffee. “It’s not a Starbucks, but it’s like one,” she tells me. I feel like I’ve seen her routine a million times in person, yet if you counted the days we’ve physically been in the same state, you’d be shocked at how deeply connected I feel to her.

Every Monday morning we start off with our business check in, a 15 minute call which quickly evolved into an hour minimum because we have to talk about boys and life. Of course now, we start our conversations with boys and life and try to remember to fit business in at the end.

When I picked up the phone today, the first thing out of her mouth was, “I read you online profile.”  I was just about to go into my excuses and how I shouldn’t write late at night, when she told me she loved it. I started cracking up.

“You really think I should use it?” She did. She thought it was honest and funny. I don’t know how funny the guys will find it, but hey I put my sister soulmates first, and if Cowgirl likes my profile, I’m putting it up there. I’ll have to see if DJ Super Pilot chimes in. She usually like to weigh in on this stuff, perhaps post a video in my comment section. Believe me, if there’s a song about a ball-crusher, she’ll find it. And I know Sommelier is just dying to pour a glass of red wine and read the future blogs with all the madness that will ensue so we can text back and forth about the wacky comments guys make online. Psychic, will patiently sit back and wait for destiny to play out, sending me a one-liner to raise my spirit when I need it (that “rejection is God’s protection” was such a good one!). Healer is in her cave creating a ritual for girls like me… it hasn’t been revealed yet, but I know it involves men, women, and love, so Cowgirl and I are definitely curious. And See-er is the gift that keeps giving. She brings out the art in me. Just when I needed it, I found a piece she guided me to make, and it was exactly what I needed to see and be reminded of in that moment.

Yes, tonight I’m feeling grateful for my soulmate sisters. I think of them every time I write an entry, and they are the first ones I reveal it to. Knowing they’re out there gives me more strength than a pharmaceutical (and that’s powerful stuff!) and if I can be as open to finding my male soulmate as I was to finding them, maybe it will get a whole lot easier. Of course I wasn’t looking for them… so maybe I should stop looking for my soulmate….

Naaaaaaaah! How boring would this blog be, then? I’d be writing about my love for folding warm laundry and complaining constantly that I can’t have chocolate.

Nope, I’m going to be thankful that the Superfriends came to me so easily and continue to entertain them with the craziness that is my quest for happily ever after.

I love you Cowgirl. I love you DJ Super Pilot. I love you Sommelier. I love you Psychic. I love you Healer. I love you See-er. And now I will obsessive compulsively re-read that line 53 times to be sure that all six are in there thinking I’m missing one because there are 7 Superfriends… Alright, no more mushy stuff for a while. Tomorrow I’l blog about how to convince a good boy he can smack your ass with his belt and you’ll enjoy it. Yes, there are actual steps to easing him into the process…

Until next Monday morning… yeehaw, Cowgirl!


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