My New Theory On Dating

Before I begin, I know most of ‘my girls’ out there are waiting for their weekly Rocker Yogi report. First of all, I braved the worst thunder and lightning storm I’ve every encountered, with rain giving a driving visibility of zero in order to make it to class. It’s truly amazing what lust will push you to do. Anyway, it was well worth it. He started us off differently. Instead of Childs Pose we started standing. I have to admit, for the first half of class I was feeling neglected. There were a lot of new people so he was busy adjusting people who actually needed it. I got a quick press when I was in forward fold, but instead of focusing on my breath, I was busy wondering what pose he was going to choose for when he finally came over to me. All I can say… he made me wait until one of the final poses BUT it was so worth the wait!!! It happens to be one of my least flexible poses, so I’m glad that most instructors don’t do it, because I hate it! It’s when you’re sitting upright on the mat, and you open your legs as wide as they’ll go, and fold your chest over as close as you can get to the floor.

Now, I can be sitting upright on the mat with my legs together and bend over and rest my head just past my knees, but legs open… I suck at it. Never been flexible there. Not even when I was a 4-year-old in ballet. So there I was legs spread trying to bend over, when he sits down behind me, places his hands on my inner thighs pulling them open wider and then leaning his chest against my back to press my down farther. Good frickin’ Lord!  The bad news is I’ll be out of town and missing his class for the next two weeks. The good news is, I think that adjustment will keep me for about as long!

So enough tangentalizing and onto today’s subject matter. I have a new theory on dating. I have to start going on dates with guys I’m not interested in. Sounds like a stupid plan right? Here’s my thinking. According to the whole “Law of Attraction” thing, you get what you focus on. I’ve chosen not to focus on the Law of Attraction thing, finding it a bit too woo woo and certainly not proactive enough for my Type A personality.

Then I noticed something. I’ve started going out about three times a week to meet women friends in my community. You’re all aware of that if you’ve been following the past few weeks of blogs. I don’t write about many of the events I go to, because while the women are all very nice, they’re just not “likeminded” people. A few of the business events had a few that could be compatible, but are geographically challenged.

Interestingly, as I’ve been pursuing women friends in this fashion, while unsuccessful at the events, I met 3 cool chicks at the gym. We’ve exchanged numbers. One of them has even become my workout partner. In addition to the women, I’ve been hanging out with some guy friends from high school.

My theory is based on the fact that when I make the effort to meet people, even if the efforts have been unsuccessful, I end up meeting my type of people in other situations without having to try. If I apply that same theory to dating it goes a little something like this:

I start going on dates with guys who are not my type at all, but have asked me out (except for the freaky guy who asked me out after yoga class, because I think there may be something wrong with him). Because I am putting the effort into going on the “wrong” dates, the right kind of dates will effortlessly show up in my life in random places.

THAT is my theory. Now, going through with that plan is a whole other story, because it’s hard enough to hang out with a group of people in a social situation who are not my type, but to be one on one on a date with someone who will wind up being in to me, because despite not being interested in him, I’ll have to be my kind and endearing self,  just sounds cruel… for both of us.

So that’s my theory. I don’t think I’ll be testing it anytime soon, BUT if I do, you’ll be the first to know.  Promise.


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