Gym Woes… Timing Is Everything

Okay, so I switched my gym so I could be around guys my age, and it worked. This time last week Mrs Rockbody and I were keeping a close eye on a very hot guy, imagine Channing Tatum only 15 years older and 6’1″. I told her “He’s my type!” Then, as our work out was winding down, we passed another very good looking man, and turned to each other at the same time in agreement that we had just found another. Yes, the gym was a lake of fish just waiting to be swooped up in my net.

So what the heck happened today? I was back there, same time, same place, and where were they? Don’t guys know that women revolve their gym schedule around when hot guys are going to be there? This isn’t just single women either. When I was with Shady, I still scheduled my workouts around when hot, straight, men were working out in West Hollywood. I wasn’t always right about the ‘straight’ part, but that’s beside the point. The motivation isn’t necessarily to meet the hot guys, it’s to get you to the gym to watch them.

Now, my motivation has changed… I am indeed there to meet them. Although I always wonder what a guy is doing in the gym in the middle of the day when most are typically working. Then I remember I have my own company and I’m at the gym so, who knows. One country boy, Denim, works at night. Now, that could mean a lot of things. First thing that comes to mind is bartender, although with the size of his arms, not sure he’s flipping around drinks. And he’s got sleeves (that’s an armful of tattoos for those gals who don’t know that expression).

Any way, I’m tangentalizing. The bottom line is, if a guy is a ‘9’ or above, he should be required to post his workout schedule at the gym. This would be a great marketing tool for gyms, because women would join just to follow the schedule of  the hot guy they want to sweat near.

Here’s the thing. It’s very disappointing to want to see the hot guy and then show up at the same place and same time and have him not be there! In fact it’s wrong. Did I still get a good work out? Yes. But not the point. I know I would have added in an extra 10 minutes for abs if hot guy had been there.

Plus, it’s putting a damper on the plan Mrs Rockbody and I concocted. She and Mr Rockbody have a boat. I want a rugged man who likes the sea. So our plan is to invite potential “dates” for me to come out on the boat. This way, it’s not an awkward first date, I get to see what he’s like out on the water, and Mr & Mrs Rockbody can give their unbiased opinions…. so I don’t get drawn in by a great set of abs.

Of course none of this can happen if the timing is off. Timing is everything! And don’t think I haven’t been to the gym on Monday and Wed at the same time looking for him. I suppose I can go to the gym at other times, just to check out the possibility that he actually has a day job and comes in at night and every other Friday is summer hours or something.

The old me is tempted to see him again and be bold and ask him “When do you work out, because I find I’m far more motivated when you’re here.” To which he would smile and politely make conversation for a while and something may or may not happen, but if it did, it could never go anywhere, because I came on with major masculine energy on our first encounter.

I’m working very hard at staying in my feminine energy around manly men. It’s the only way it can work. I’ve got to give up the reigns, and stop trying to break these guys. I need to face the fact that I am the wild horse who needs to be tamed. I need to let men be men, so I’m going to put on a dress and go out tonight and be a lady and see what happens…


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2 Responses to Gym Woes… Timing Is Everything

  1. Mrs Rockbody says:

    Well Your right “timing is everything”. So we keep going and going and when the hot guys are around we smile alot and talk about going out in the boat very load so he will hear us and maybe start talking to us first. Well at least its a plan so let’s try it & see if it works

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