The Things We Do For Love… I Mean Lust

Before I write this blog I must send a BIG GET WELL SOON to AdventureBiz Babe! Early this week she was climbing Mount Whitney and got a terrible fever and couldn’t finish the climb. I could hear the frustration in her voice. She still got further than most humans would dare to go, so feel better AdventureBiz Babe, and next year will finally be your year!

Back to lust…

The past two weeks I have woken up at the ungodly hour (at least for me) of 7:30am. Three weeks ago, I tried and failed, so since then, I’ve put provisions into place.

1. Go to bed by 10:30pm

2. Set my alarm and double check that it’s set for am NOT pm (like 3 weeks ago)

3. Have a girlfriend call me at 7:30am to be sure I’m awake.

And I do this ALL… just so I can have Rocker Yogi for a second day each week. One day was just not enough for my lust quotient. He is SOOOOO yummy! I can’t take it. And all of his music is 70’s classic rock like The Beatles (in their trippy stage), The Stones, and Elton John. I’m literally doing yoga in a Cameron Crowe movie hoping Rocker Yogi will have his “coming of age” with me.

On a sort of tangentalizing note, but not quite, I was watching Parenthood 2 weeks ago when the Grandfather was teaching his grandson what to say to the girl he liked, to show her that he liked her. The first thing he taught him was that he should compliment something she’s wearing.

So, the next day I’m in Rocker Yogi’s class waiting on my mat for his arrival, and as he walks by me, he says, “I like your headband.” It was a headband/scarf, and it was lightly sequined so it sparkled in a hippy-chick kind of way…

Anyway, I took the liberty of reading into that as ‘he complimented something I wore’ perhaps the fish is taking the bait. Then I came to my senses.

So today, not only did I take his class at 7:30am, BUT he worked out afterwards as did I with Mrs. Rockbody, who for the purpose of this entry will be referred to as Momma Bear, because while she agreed that he is cute, anytime my comments got too lascivious she immediately reminded me that he is just a kid… which when I read between the lines read ‘a kid who’s about the same age as my son’.. ooops.

You see, up until now, all of my girlfriends who have sons don’t have any over the age of 5, so this hasn’t been an issue. Momma Bear made it very real for me that these young guys of “days before FWB” had moms. Man! I never thought about the moms. Great Momma Bear, you’ve just put a huge damper on my fantasy life.

Okay, she didn’t really, because you should have seen him do tricep kickbacks and chest presses. He’s delish! AND he has these tattoos on his back that peek out from either end of his tank top and I just want to rip the damn top off of him so I can see the full picture… well, seeing it would be great what I really want to do is glide my fingertips over his baby smooth skin!

Yes, lust is one of the seven original sins, and Kenny Chesney got it right when he sang, “It’s always your favorite sins, that do you in…”

But seriously! I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, I don’t eat sugar aka cupcakes and brownies, I don’t have anything with caffeine aka chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate cake, Hershey’s kisses, Twix bars, Special Dark, dark chocolate covered blueberries, dark chocolate covered anything.. ARE YOU GETTING MY POINT?!?!? I’m deprived!!!! Aren’t I allowed one vice? That vice being sex with guys who are 10- 15 years younger than me? It’s not like I’m forcing myself on anyone. All of my past younger men have been eager participants… EAGER. So what’s the problem? And why do I know when I go to bed tonight and attempt to fall asleep to lustful thoughts of Rocker Yogi, Momma Bear’s disapproving face is going to pop into my mind and kill it before it even begins?

I think the first line in the book “The Road Less Traveled” says it all…

Who ever said that life was supposed to be fair?



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3 Responses to The Things We Do For Love… I Mean Lust

  1. AdventureBiz Babe says:

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Considering someone died on the mountain the day after I was up there, I consider myself lucky that I had the common sense to go down when I discovered I was sick.

    My theory on mountains…..
    The summit is optional….The parking lot is mandatory.
    In other words, my first priority is to make it down safe, whether I get to the top or not.

    Ed Viesturs, the singular best alpine mountain climber in the US, has made it to the summit of Mt. Everest 6 times. What most people don’t know, is that he failed to summit 4 times. I guess I’m in good company! I’ll just try again next year.

    Oy….my son is 30. Now, I really feel old. And yes, you ARE allowed one vice!

  2. Loverville says:

    Really — why NOT shtup the younger boys? Absolutely nothing wrong with that! My recent Euro fling was 8 years my junior… and there’s a new guy in the picture who is 12 years younger than I am. (so far we’ve only kissed, but I’m hoping there will be more!)

    After all — I’ve also dated guys who were at least 10 years OLDER than I am… so why NOT go younger? As long as it makes you happy — go for it!

    Girl — you look hot — you’re probably in better shape than many women half your age. Enjoy it!

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