A Rose By Any Other Name Would Still Smell As Sweet

True, but if you’re hitting on Rose and you accidentally call her Rita, she’s not going to be thrilled with you… However, it could make for an adorable story for my blog.

Sister and I were out for a night on the town and we were having fun! Sister was having extra fun because I introduced her to a very hot guy whom I’d only met once. The bar was loud and the introduction was made early.. around 9pm. It was pretty typical: me yelling, “Denim, this is Sister, Sister this is Denim.”

As the night progressed and Sister saw more to him than his good looks, she had to admit something BIG… she didn’t clearly get his name. So she asked, admitting that the bar was loud and she just wanted to clarify his name (because at this point she’d heard three variations of it and now even I was second guessing if I knew his name). He spelled it out for her.. literally. Now she could enjoy the next few hours of flirtation with the confidence that she knew exactly to whom she was speaking.

That said, let’s cut to 2am, as we are all leaving the bar. I patiently wait in the car as Denim asks Sister for her number. Of course with technology as it is, he is about to put it into his phone under her name… her name that she can’t help but notice has been programmed in as “extraordinary girl”

Hmmmmm. While very flattering, there was something fishy about the entry and Sister wasn’t about to let it go.

“You don’t know my name, do you?” Sister asked/confronted him.

“Of course I do!” He insisted.

The next three minutes were straight out of a Seinfeld episode and concluded with Denim opening my car door so I could quickly whisper her name to him which didn’t fool her for a second.

Now, this has not gotten in the way  of her interest in him, however the questions that she asked me on the way home still baffles us as logical females:

1. When she asked him to clarify his name for her, it opened the door for him to in turn ask her name. So why didn’t he?

2. As the night grew later and he knew that his interest had grown greater, why didn’t he ask someone in our circle what her name was?

I suppose any girl who would be so sensitive as to hold a grudge toward a guy for not getting her name right is not the kind of girl Denim would want anyway, but still…

Or maybe he just wanted to give me some good material since I haven’t blogged in a while.

Ironically a few nights later I found myself in the same position; talking to a good looking guy whom I’d been introduced to with no recollection of his name. Okay, the fact that he was good looking has absolutely nothing to do with my point, that point being…

Why is it so hard to remember names? Is it because they are one word? I say that because when someone tells me a story, I usually remember it. I assume it’s because of the detail that goes into the story which requires a level of concentration on the part of the listener.

Why is it that concentrating on someone’s name is so taken fore granted? I certainly don’t get terribly offended when people don’t remember my name, but that could be because I’m so bad with names. I’ve met many people who DO get very offended when their name is not remembered. I have an ex boyfriend who was blacklisted by a guy whom he’d met once years earlier and on their second run in, he politely asked the guy to remind him of his name.

Obviously that guy has serious issues, and my ex has done just fine for himself despite the attempted black list, but still!

I think my ex boss had the right idea.. just call EVERYBODY, Sexy! How can you get offended when someone says to you, “Hey, Sexy how are you?”

I’ll have to do a poll of names guys would like to be called:

1. Champ 2. Handsome 3. Tom Brady…

Or perhaps I could try to simply concentrate much harder…




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2 Responses to A Rose By Any Other Name Would Still Smell As Sweet

  1. Jim Denny says:

    Can’t imagine anyone wanting to be called Tom Brady.
    GO RAVENS!!!!!!

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